Discover Your Higher Purpose At African Leadership University


ALU is on a mission to catalyze the transformation of Africa. By preparing new generations of ethical & entrepreneurial leaders, this university ignites a ripple of impact across Africa, and beyond.  


African Leadership University is a university located in Rwanda and Pamplemousses, Mauritius Africa which provides hands-on real-world experience led by some of the world’s most innovative educators. 

Its focus is on developing real-world skills such as self-leading, leading others, entrepreneurial thinking, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, managing complex projects, and communication. 

Most universities hope that students pick up some of these skills during their education. At ALU, the university intentionally and explicitly develops these skills in students through practice, on-the-job experience, coaching, and regular feedback. 

With the awareness in mind that the world is forever changing, ALU allows students to declare their missions instead of majors so that they spend their tertiary years curating knowledge that allows them to explore their passions and purpose. 

Students choose their specializations ( either a Bachelor's Degree in Entrepreneurial Leadership or in Software Engineering) and their personal mission. The duration of both these courses is 3 years consisting of 3 semesters. 

They will then be supported in selecting learning materials and professional development experiences to support that mission for the rest of their time at ALU. 

The majority of students’ learning is done by getting hands-on experience in their chosen field of study, interviewing experts in their field, attending conferences, doing internships, working on projects tied to their missions, etc. 

In order to make students' experiences worthwhile, ALU aims to make students see the world as their campus. This means that they are not limited to their campus space but they get to move around from Timbuktu to Madagascar, and wherever they can effectively focus on their mission/project while building and strengthening their network with students and employers. 

ALU campuses have a department called student life which organizes fun activities for students and has peer counselors, academic mentors, residential advisors, health interns, and even professional therapists. This ensures that all the personal needs of the students are cared for.  

ALU takes a holistic approach when looking at applications. This means that grades are as important to the university as the applicant's leadership potential. 

The general eligibility requirements are indications of the academic level that the university deems necessary to excel in the ALU environment. 

However, meeting the general eligibility requirements or falling short of just them is not the sole determinant of an applicant's admission decision. Their holistic admission process considers how the applicant's leadership potential, in addition to your grades, will not only bring value to the ALU community but also allow them to excel academically given the challenging nature of our programs.

For more information about the institution and how to apply, visit  African Leadership University's website.


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