Here Are Three IELTS Tests Available At The British Council


The English Language Testing System test is popular among people who want to move around the world to countries that use English as a native language. Fortunately, the British Council in South Africa offers the test.


The British Council in South Africa helps people from across the globe learn English using its wide range of online resources, as the Council does not offer face-to-face teaching.

These resources help individuals reach their potential in the English language skills, whether it's written or spoken.

If you have plans to go abroad for work, study or migration purposes in a country where English is a native language, the Council has an opportunity for you to write one of three International English Language Testing System (IELTS) tests.

Here are the three IELTS tests that the British Council in South Africa offers:

  1. Take your IELTS Academic test - The IELTS Academic test for your higher education ambitions: Take this test if you want to study at either undergraduate or postgraduate, or to work in a professional organisation.
  2. Take your IELTS General Training test - IELTS General Training to prove your language skills across the world: Take this test to study at below degree level, work in an English speaking country or emigrate to an English speaking
  3. IELTS for UK Visas and Immigration - If you are looking to work, study or live in the UK then you may need to take this test.

It is important that individuals do further research in which test is relevant to them and then write it in one of the five official IELTS test centre locations across South Africa.

You have the liberty to choose to take your IELTS test on paper or on a computer, and whichever one you decide on taking, you will be required to go to the test centre to sit for your test.

The test centres that have an offering of the IELTS test on paper are in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, and Pretoria.

Prior to applying for any of three IELTS tests, it is advisable that you start by checking which test you will need with the organisations you are applying to.



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