These Are The Online TEFL Certificates That Global TEFL Recruiters Offers


In order to teach online, you will need to obtain a Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate. This certificate can be obtained through a recruitment agency. 


Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) allows individuals to teach from the comfort of their homes or travel anywhere in the world.

South African-based recruiting company, Global TEFL Recruiters was established due to the need for a high-quality certification that enables ordinary people to empower themselves academically and economically.

The company has shared that it has strong partnerships with a group of experienced teachers who offer a quality course based on more than 26 years of experience in teaching TEFL around the world.

More than 85,000 students have taken the courses that are on offer and all of them are teaching in schools or online around the world.

Here are the online TEFL courses that you can obtain through Global TEFL Recruiters:

  • TEFL 120-Hour Advanced Course 
  • TEFL 150-Hour Master Course 
  • TEFL 250-Hour Expert Course 

It is important that you verify and make sure that your TEFL qualification is internationally recognised and credible, as it will open many doors of opportunities for you.

A laptop with the correct specifications, webcam, noise cancelling headphones and internet access with a good signal strength will help you to log in from anywhere in the world to teach your ABCs and get your remuneration.

Although you don’t necessarily need any other qualifications to teach English online, some online companies prefer individuals who have a bachelor's degree.

Fortunately, some companies won’t require you to have one, as long as you are a fluent speaker of English, have a TEFL certificate and have the enthusiasm to teach.

If you are interested in one of the services that Global TEFL Recruiters offers, you may visit their offices at 73 Horizon View. 1 Aurora Drive, Umhlanga Ridge, 4391, South Africa,  alternatively, you may contact them at +27 83 786 8337 or


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