Earn High Quality Education With Curtin University


Curtin University has been universally recognised for its quality education over its many years in operation. Students enrolled at the university stand to be exposed to innovative research and career preparation opportunities.

Originally founded in the early-1900s, Curtin University has evolved over its years in operation, from its beginnings as Perth Technical School, to becoming a well-respected and global education enterprise. 

The institution has a history of performing innovation in education, becoming Australia’s first University of Technology in 1987 after many years operating under different titles, and continuing to prove its educational value for the years following that.

In 1985, The Western Australia Institute of Technology (WAIT), as it was known prior to 1987, committed itself to an equal opportunity approach to employment for both women and the Australian indigenous Aboriginal population, along with other disadvantaged groups. 

This commitment led to more inclusive teaching as well, which included the creation of their Centre for Aboriginal Studies, whilst the university also pledged a commitment to reconciliation efforts between the general Australian population and the indigenous Aboriginal population.

Apart from its cultural and inclusive efforts, the university has been internationally recognised for its education efforts as well, with recent years seeing Curtin ranked in the top one percent of universities across the world according to the 2021 Academic Ranking of World Universities. 

Whilst 95% of the university’s research was once recognised as being at or above the world standard. The university has also engaged in efforts to branch its teaching out all over the world, boasting nine campuses in five different countries.

These campuses are located in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and Mauritius. 

The general areas of study available among Curtin’s various campuses include the following:

  • Agriculture, environment and Sustainability
  • Architecture and Construction
  • Arts and Creative Industries
  • Business, Management and Law
  • Culture, Society and Indigenous
  • Education
  • Engineering, Mining and Surveying
  • Health
  • Information Technology
  • Physical Sciences, Geoscience and Mathematics

Students are offered the chance to engage this course material on a flexible basis, as the university offers what they call an “engaging digital environment”, paired with a student experience focused on “leadership, industry and global citizenship”, holding the global franchising of their education to great importance. 

Despite an emphasis on digital learning, the school also offers hands-on experiences through industry placements that help develop practical skills and study abroad opportunities, alongside on-campus learning options.

For those seeking more information about what the university has to offer, visit Curtin University’s official website here.


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