Graduate Certificate Courses At Curtin University In Perth, Australia


Curtin University has been universally recognised for its quality education over its many years in operation. Students enrolled at the university stand to be exposed to innovative research and career preparation opportunities.


Curtin University, located in Perth, Australia offers a variety of postgraduate options for undergraduate students looking to further their qualifications.

Curtin University has been universally recognised for its quality education over its many years in operation. Students enrolled at the university stand to be exposed to innovative research and career preparation opportunities.

Many courses allow students to enroll in a graduate certificate and progress to a graduate diploma or master degree. Alternatively students can enroll in a Master degree and exit early with a graduate certificate or graduate diploma. 

Here are your options for Graduate Certificate qualifications at Curtin University: 

Human Rights 

Study human rights theory and philosophy across cultural, religious and political traditions over a 6 month period. If you do not have a relevant degree, this course is an entry pathway to the Master of Human Rights

This graduate certificate is for human rights workers, those who hope to work in the human rights field, professionals who wish to apply human rights principles to their practice, development workers, non-government organisation workers, activists, teachers, mediation and conflict workers, and community workers.

The course involves the study of human rights theory and philosophy across different cultural, religious, philosophical and political traditions, and how these ideas can be translated into practice in the contemporary world. 

This course is for those working either in Australia or internationally, and is multidisciplinary, providing an opportunity for those from different cultural backgrounds, professions and disciplines to dialogue about human rights and develop ideas and skills in human rights practice.

Upon successful completion of the graduate certificate, students can enroll in the master degree.

Development Planning

Urban and regional planners play an important role in shaping the development and land use of cities, towns and regions, and promoting public interest in the development process.

In this program, you will be introduced to the principles, practices and techniques used by urban and regional planners. Students will apply interdisciplinary knowledge and techniques to address environmental, social and design issues of concern to communities.

The course is suitable if you do not have a background in planning, or if you are a practising planner outside of Australia. Upon successful completion of the graduate certificate, you may be eligible for entry into the master degree.


This foundation course is ideal if you want to extend your skills and critical capacity in a creative discipline, add a new area of expertise to your repertoire, or learn new skills in the arts if you’re looking for a career change.

This course is hands-on with a strong practical and theoretical focus, preparing you to apply your specialised skill set and knowledge in creative professional settings.

Students can choose from specific streams to specialise in, which include:

If you successfully complete the graduate certificate, you will be eligible to enrol in the Master of Arts degree.

Critical Care Nursing 

The Critical Care Nursing specialisation is available to study as a graduate certificate and as part of the Master of Advanced Practice, designed for registered nurses who are interested in developing greater capabilities in complex clinical decision-making.

Specialist streams include:

  • Emergency
  • Intensive Care
  • Coronary Care
  • Paediatric Intensive Care
  • Neonatal Intensive Care

This specialisation also focuses on developing capabilities in complex clinical decision-making, clinical leadership, evidence-informed specialty practice, patient advocacy and holistic specialty practice. 

The Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Nursing is offered as an online course studied on a part-time basis only, as concurrent employment is required. We recommend that you study one or two units per semester. 


The Graduate Certificate in Education allows postgraduate students from a variety of disciplines to advance their knowledge and skills in the field of education. 

This flexible program allows you to choose course content that aligns to your interests and career aspirations. It covers fundamental understandings about learning and teaching in different contexts.

By selecting course content with a specific area of educational focus, you will be well-placed to utilise this qualification to move onto further study in education, including seeking qualification as a school teacher. Customised programs for cohorts of students are also available. 


This course will introduce you to contemporary design practice and research, providing a firm grounding towards design-led innovation and the application of design practice to social, economic and cultural life.

The course is an entry point to further postgraduate study in the Master of Design or to further practice as a designer, design leader or design strategist.

Upon successful completion of the graduate certificate, you may transfer to the graduate diploma. On successful completion of the graduate diploma, you may enrol in the master degree.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists strive to assist clients to maximise or enable their participation in occupation - be it work, leisure or self care.

This course will provide you with the theoretical knowledge and advanced practical skills you require in changing health and community contexts. 

Studies will focus on emerging theoretical knowledge of occupation, clinical reasoning as a basis for reflective practice, management and evaluation skills, and applied research.

Public Health

This Graduate Certificate course in Public Health teaches students a range of practical skills to support public health action across educational, organisational, socio-economic, environmental and political domains to improve population health.

This fully online, multidisciplinary course is designed for health professionals seeking to develop their skills and knowledge in public health, while continuing to work. 

If you already work in public health, or want to move into this field, this course can prepare you for advancement in your organisation or field, providing you with practical skills and helping you to broaden your knowledge and skill set.


This course serves as your entry pathway to the Master of Business Administration (MBA), but can also be taken as a challenging stand-alone course.

It offers you a foundation in economics, financial decision making and organisational behaviour.

You can customise your degree by selecting an optional unit, including on marketing, human resource strategies, leadership, and international oil and gas markets. Many of these units are tied to an MBA specialisation, which will help facilitate your transition to this course, should you wish to continue studying. 

There are plenty more Graduate Certificates to choose from at Curtin University. Make sure to look at all the stipulated eligibility requirements when applying.



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