Undergraduate Courses At Queensland University Of Technology In Australia


Queensland University of Technology is a public research university located in the urban coastal city of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. QUT is located on two campuses in the Brisbane area, Gardens Point and Kelvin Grove.


Queensland University of Technology (QUT) offers courses that prepare students for real-world ready skills that they need to find a career in Australia and abroad.

Striving to connect their students with the real world through practical hands-on learning, QUT prepares graduates for the careers of the future. 

Studying at QUT offers students world-class education in the heart of Brisbane, a welcoming, modern and multicultural city. Brisbane is Australia’s third largest city and known for its vibrant urban precincts, outdoor lifestyle, friendly locals and natural attractions.  

QUT’s undergraduate and postgraduate study options include: 

  • Architecture and the Built Environment
  • Business
  • Communication
  • Creative Industries
  • Design
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • English Language pathway programs
  • Health
  • Information Technology
  • Justice
  • Law
  • Mathematics
  • Science

Here are a few undergraduate courses for you to consider:

Bachelor of Biomedical Science

Biomedical scientists study how the body works, investigate how disease or injury interferes with normal function, and develop new treatment strategies that help restore function. 

Skilled in using a variety of cutting-edge technologies, biomedical scientists have been responsible for major health advances including the development of vaccines, antibiotics and stem cell therapies.

Within this course, students will have a high degree of course flexibility with the option to select a major and two minor areas of study that align with their interests, and prepare them for areas of emerging priority and employment. 

The course has very large practical focus; students will be in the laboratory from week one and working on real biomedical and scientific problems throughout the course. 

Students may also complete studies in complementary areas from across the university, including:

  • Behavioural Science
  • Law
  • Mathematics
  • Engineering
  • Business
  • Nutrition and Physical Activity
  • Criminology and Policing
  • Journalism 
  • Indigenous Knowledges

Bachelor of Business (Public Relations)

Public relations has evolved substantially over the past few years, but its main objective has remained the same: to foster good relations with key organisational stakeholders and protect, repair, and maintain organisational reputations. 

If you're looking to become a public relations expert with industry-ready skills and the experience that employers are looking for, consider studying QUT's public relations major. 

This course will teach you traditional PR skills such as crisis communication management and stakeholder engagement, as well as in-demand skills for the modern PR practitioner including knowing how to counter misinformation and address distrust.

This Public Relations course is co-designed with national and international industry experts to ensure you learn industry-relevant and up-to-date information and practices.

Bachelor of Business / Bachelor of Communication (Journalism)

QUT's journalism degree will prepare students for a changing world, and will learn to prepare and present news through a variety of social channels and across online, print and broadcast platforms. 

This course goes beyond the writing, communication and ethical foundations of journalism and builds production skills through hands-on experience in world class facilities. 

Students will access newsrooms, radio and TV studios and contribute to QUT News and other outlets, as well as also having the opportunity to apply for industry internships and international exchanges. 

Journalism graduates have achieved distinction in high-profile news, media and public relations positions. 

Bachelor of Business / Bachelor of Fine Arts (Creative Writing)

This combined degree opens up a wide range of creative and business careers. Students will graduate not only with advanced technical and creative skills, but also with highly developed business knowledge. 

Immerse yourself in the creative writing major with up to 16 discipline units and gain in-depth knowledge in your specialisation. The business degree component comprises eight business core units and eight business major units. 

QUT offers the largest and most comprehensive undergraduate writing course in South-East Queensland with the broadest range of units on offer.

Students will graduate with advanced writing and communication competence - a skill keenly sought by employers - and will be taught by highly experienced and published authors, scholars, and experts in creative writing. 

Visits from other writers, editors and publishers will further help you gain a unique perspective on writing as a vocation and as a critical and creative practice. Writers, editors and publishers regularly provide guest lectures for the benefit of students, and you’ll have access to the industry and national writing communities.

Bachelor of Business (Marketing)

QUT's future-focused degree will prepare students to lead marketing solutions in changing business environments. A foundation of business knowledge and marketing principles will be complemented by opportunities to apply learning through internships and real-world interactions. 

From the start of this degree, students will behave like a marketing professional - meeting industry clients in the classroom and participating in authentic assessments. 

With access to industry events run by professional bodies such as the Australian Marketing Institute, students will be able to build a network of industry contacts while studying. You can tailor your study to suit your interests while gaining specialist knowledge and developing the confidence to thrive in a variety of marketing roles.

There are many more courses for students to choose from, which can be found on the university's official site.



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