Why Study At The Engineering Institute Of Technology?


From building roads to designing cities, the role of engineers in any society cannot be underestimated. The Engineering Institute of Technology ensures there is a constant supply of qualified engineers in Australia.



The Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) has trained qualified engineers in several engineering disciplines since 2008 when it emerged from the foundation established by sister company IDC Technologies. IDC’s portfolio of 300 classroom courses has been attended by over 500,000 engineering professionals worldwide.

In 2014, EIT became a nationally registered Higher Education Provider. This allowed the institution to add to its existing 15 advanced diploma programs, two diploma programmes, and one vocational graduate certificate.

Since 2014, EIT has offered four bachelors of science in engineering degrees, four master's degrees, four undergraduate certificates, four graduate certificates, four graduate diplomas and a professional doctorate in engineering.

Here Are Courses Students Can Choose From 

The 2000 students attending EIT work as engineering professionals from more than 140 countries around the world. They also welcome international students wanting to undertake on-campus education in Australia.

EIT has campuses located in Perth, Western Australia and Melbourne Victoria.

The Perth campus has classrooms equipped with computers with internet access. There is also a library, a dedicated student breakout area and free parking. Students will also be able to access the on-campus student support team.

The Melbourne campus is equipped with the facilities but the campus does have a cafe and a physical library.

However, this should not discourage international students as EIT also allows students to study online. 

Online students benefit from EIT’s unique synchronous delivery methodology that encourages students to advance their technical and technological knowledge while forming global networks and balancing life and work commitments.



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