Lerato Botha


lerato bothaLerato is a student studying towards a Bachelor of Arts degree with majors in English Language and Literature and Gender Studies at the University of Cape Town.

Lerato previously held the position of Editor-in-Chief at Varsity Newspaper, the University of Cape Town's student newspaper.

Her passion for writing has been one that she has developed since her years in Primary School. Despite being a child of big dreams who wanted to try everything from being a lawyer, to a designer, to a therapist, Lerato always came back to writing as her desired career. News, Features and Opinions are three of her favourite topics to write for.

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Articles by Lerato:

While the thought of getting to participate in your studies among a large student body may seem fun for some, a large student population with little opportunity for intimate learning can be daunting for others. Jacobs University aims to resolve this issue, by offering smaller classes and a greater opportunity for more frequent student-teacher engagement to enrolled students.

Finding the right study programmes to suit your skill sets can be overwhelming to any aspiring academic, especially to those international students looking to study abroad. Nonetheless, with Budapest International College, students from all around the world are offered the unique experience of being assisted to find some of the best specialised study programmes in Hungary, all the while earning the necessary foundational education that will prepare them to enter into these programmes.

In the world of higher education, as more and more newer institutions continue to be established in-line with modern advancements in education, it can be tougher for older institutions to keep up. However, Trinity College Dublin is not one of those universities, and has instead managed to maintain its own level of prestige over 400 years after its initial inception.

Regardless of how prepared a student is to enter the world of higher education, there is always a possibility for the university experience to take a toll on students in different ways. Luckily, students who enrol at MacEwan University will have the benefit of a wide range of support systems to help them throughout their studies, whether they are completed online or in-person.

Choosing a course to study at university level that offers one with the necessary skill sets to enter the professional world, can be a tough decision to come to for any prospective university student. Fortunately, for those students facing such a dilemma, the University of South Wales has a wide selection of courses designed specifically with students’ professional abilities in mind, upholding a commitment towards creating workplace-ready graduates.

The Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, is an Indian institution that has  been encouraging excellence for over 60 years. Students enrolled at the university will be exposed to innovative education, unique research opportunities and efficient study facilities.

The management industry presents many avenues of opportunity, with management being an integral part of organisations of various types. However, for students who are interested specifically in Culinary and Hospitality the International Management Institute Switzerland is the place to go.

Studying from the comfort of your home is a method of learning that students have been more greatly exposed to over recent years. However the International University of Applied Sciences has long been a pioneer in flexible online learning. Enrolment at this institution involves benefitting from one of the best online and hybrid-learning universities across the world.

The University of Reading is a well-regarded public tertiary institution in England, whose teachings extend globally. Having established a campus in Asia, the university has made its first steps towards globalising their education efforts.

Edinburgh Business School is Heriot-Watt University’s Graduate School for Business, and offers business graduates the opportunity to further their studies. The following reveals all necessary information about the business school.

West London College provides teaching that is unique from other institutions of learning, providing students of all ages who are yet to complete a below-degree level qualification the opportunity to pursue further education. This is the ideal setting for both young students aged 16-18 and adults that may need an understanding and supportive environment to aid in the completion of their studies.

The London School of Design and Marketing (LSDM) is the ideal setting for creative students who wish to study a specialisation in design or marketing. In addition to the unique, specialised focus offered by the school in these creative mediums, LSDM has even more to offer prospective students.

Studying business requires having a pulse on the constant changes in the economy, and being able to adjust alongside the business world. At IE Business School, the aim is to prepare students to do exactly that and more.

The creative sphere can be tough for a student to navigate, considering that there are a various number of ways that students can engage in artistic careers. Nevertheless, at the Arts University Bournemouth, students are granted the opportunity to navigate their artistic passions in an environment dedicated specifically to the arts.

The University of Law (ULaw) has a great scope of law qualifications for prospective law students. However, the university also offers postgraduate qualifications beyond just law, making non-law qualifications available for students to take their picks from.

For students who are looking to have their pick at postgraduate law and law-related degrees, the University of Law (ULaw) has much to offer. From postgraduate diplomas to Masters degrees, to Bar practice courses, ULaw has a wide variety of qualifications for prospective students to choose from.

The University of Law (ULaw) in the United Kingdom (UK) is a private university aimed towards moulding future lawyers to be placed in some of the major law firms in the UK and the United States (US). As such, the university has much to offer prospective law students.

Although universities choose students based on what value they can add to their institution, it is equally important for students to pursue universities based on what they could offer the student in return. That said, enrolling at the University of Bristol is a way to put your interests first, as students will benefit from a university that offers well-recognised, quality education.

St George’s University of London has been responsible for training and qualifying doctors for almost three centuries. Through their innovative teachings and long history in medicine training, the university has developed its standing as an ideal institution for the study of medicine.

The common dilemma for the creative student is to find an educational environment that allows them to both harness their creative talent expressively, whilst also preparing them for the real creative world. At Ravensbourne University London, this is exactly the type of preparation that students can expect, as the institution allows them to enter the creative market by preparing them with a holistic education.


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