Become A Competent Professional With SBS Swiss Business School


Dedicated to fostering academic excellence and student achievement on all educational levels in business management, SBS Swiss Business School's mission is to provide a strong academic foundation that will help them to develop problem-solving skills. Preparing them to become productive competent professionals and responsible citizens in a diverse, dynamic global environment.



SBS Swiss Business School is a private business school located in Zurich, Switzerland with affiliated campuses in Latvia, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Argentina, India, Myanmar, and Spain. The school is connected to the world of business through its teaching, faculty, events, and placement network. 

Business leaders often visit the school to talk with students or to teach education courses, providing students the opportunity to learn about state-of-the-art business practices.  SBS has an enviable record of placing its graduates with leading companies and institutions across the globe. A number of employers visit the school each year to identify suitable graduates to fill positions in their companies.

SBS Swiss Business School offers a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, a three-year program that specializes in international management, Business Analytics, Digital Marketing, and Entrepreneurship. Students get immersed in a real working environment and take part in internships, company visits, and other business activities from day one. 

The school also offers a one-year Master of Science degree in International Business where postgrad students get a deeper and more rounded perspective of the business world. This course mixes collaborative projects with placements in professional settings so students can gain valuable real-life work experiences.

Life is all about balance right? At SBS Swiss Business School in Barcelona, the school sees it as important that students have the opportunity to get to know their peers on a more personal level.

SBS loves to see its students relaxed too and it tries to achieve this by organizing fun leisure events throughout the academic year. 

These events include fancy dress parties such as Halloween and BBQ events on the school's sunny rooftop terrace. Some of the other few things that get hosted are beach days, quiz nights, and pizza parties.

For more information about the school and also how to apply, visit the SBS Swiss Business School website


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