Discover Spain At The International School Of Design In Barcelona


IED Barcelona is an institution of higher education for those who are interested in pursuing a career in design. If you're looking to study design and/or in Europe, Spain might be the place for you. 


The International School of Design, also known as IED Barcelona (the Istituto Europeo di Design) opened in the city of Barcelona, Spain in 2002. It is currently one of the reference centers in design education, highly recognized at a national and international level.

The IED Barcelona is a university, training center and observatory of trends and research, with the main objective of reflecting and educating in the field of design in an interdisciplinary manner. 

The school has worked on countless projects with professionals from the sector, students and companies from all over the world. 

The institution offers (in the areas of Fashion, Design, Visual Communication and Management for Creative Industries): 

  1. Undergraduate Degrees in Design
  2. Bachelors of Arts (Honours) validated by the University of Westminster
  3. IED Diplomas
  4. Master and Postgraduate Courses
  5. Continuing Study Programs and Summer Courses 

Proactive collaboration between the academic and the labour world is a key asset; for this reason, students enrolled at the University develop real proposals with companies and institutions of all sorts.

The institution fosters a new methodology applied to design education, capable of absorbing and interpreting constant changes, as well as transforming them into valuable educational content that enables students to respond to the current needs of the labour market.

The Exchange Study Program offers students the chance to study for a semester at design schools around the world and at IED headquarters based in Milan, Rome, Turin and Barcelona.

For incoming students who are unfamiliar with life in Barcelona, IED offers the Student Services department.

The Student Services department at IED Barcelona has the objective of offering an additional welcome and advice service to students who may need it, with particular attention to those who are foreigners.

The institution takes into account the adaptation process that living and studying in a new environment requires. 

For this purpose, Student Services provides useful and practical information to facilitate the search for accommodation, the procedures related to the residence permit, registration and the health card, information about the city and its resources and, in general, any other useful information during an international student's time in Barcelona.


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