Enrol In A Doctoral Program At Monarch Business School Now


Are you a professional in the business world and want to further your education? Why not enrol in an academic programme at the Monarch Business School. They offer a wide range of programmes which allows students to continue working and earning while they study.


The Monarch Business School Switzerland allows prospective students to choose a degree that suits their academic needs and professional goals.

Monarch Business School aims to develop socially-centred business leaders to achieve a more equitable and sustainable future.

One of the major benefits of enrolling at the Monarch Business School is that the digital campus community allows students to achieve their educational goals without having to leave the workforce and lose their income.  

Students can enrol in the programmes including Professional PhD programs, Doctor of Business Administration, Doctor of Leadership, Doctor of Professional Studies and MBA programs in Global business.

This wide range of academic programmes covers fields of business, business administration, social science, leadership and global management.

Here Are The Programmes Students Can Enrol In At Monarch Business School

Students enrolled in these academic programmes enjoy a highly flexible schedule with direct entry into the research phase of education. These courses can be completed online with optional on-site workshops available.

The submission of the application form should not take more than 10 minutes.

Individuals interested in registering in the many programmes offered at the institution can complete their Monarch Business School application online.


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