Here Are The University Of Buckingham Medicine Entry Requirements


Studying medicine can be an immensely beneficial career path. The University Of Buckingham could be a the right place to kick-start your career in Medicine, granted that you meet the entry requirements.


Studying Medicine at the University of Buckingham can be a highly rewarding experience for aspiring doctors. There are, however, entry requirement for the undergraduate Bachelor of Medicine degree at the university.

Regarding academic qualifications, the University of Buckingham requires applicants to have completed their high school education or equivalent, with an indication of strong academic performance in subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

For applicants offering UK A-levels, they should have (or be likely to receive) a minimum of grades ABB, including Chemistry or Biology, before the medical degree begins. General Studies are not accepted

For the International Baccalaureate specifically, they should be expected to obtain or to have acquired a total score of at least 34 points with Higher Level 6 in Chemistry and Biology. It is also important for applying candidates to keep in mind that the extended essay and theory of knowledge are not included in the final point total

If a candidate hasn't studied biology or chemistry at the A-level, they should have at least a GCSE level (or equivalent) and achieved at least a grade B score in the subject.

If an applicant provides alternative secondary school qualifications, they should already have or be on track to get credentials at an A-level level, with a sequence of marks equivalent to ABB, including Chemistry or Biology at the most advanced level of study.

If an applicant has a degree to offer, they must have at least an upper second-class degree in a field related to medicine according to the university.

In the case of applicants offering a University of Buckingham - Pre-Med (Cert HE in Medical Science) degree, they should have achieved, or predicted, at least 70%. Transfers from other undergraduate science or medicine programmes cannot be accepted.

It is equally important to note that the university does not accept students who have previously enrolled in or studied an undergraduate medical programme.

English Language Proficiency: Non-native English speakers are required to demonstrate their proficiency in the language, usually through an IELTS Academic certificate with a minimum overall score of 7 and not below 6.5 in each component (IELTS General Training is not suitable for this level). 

Alternatively, candidates can provide a Cambridge English: Advanced(CAE) Certificate with an overall average score of 185, with a minimum of 176 on each paper. 

However, students from countries other than the United Kingdom who do not speak English as their first language can only be excluded from presenting an English Test Certificate if they have completed a UK Bachelor's degree or are citizens of one of the following nations:

  • Antigua and Barbuda 
  • Australia 
  • The Bahamas
  • Barbados
  • Belize
  • Canada
  • Dominica
  • Grenada
  • Guyana
  • Jamaica
  • New Zealand
  • St Kitts and Nevis
  • St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • and the USA.

Candidates are also advised to consult the university’s entry Requirements for a list of their entry requirements by country.

You can also send them an email relating to your query at: or call them on +44 (0) 1280 820 227 (Option 1) if your qualifications are not listed in the above-mentioned document or if you have any specific enquiries about entry grades.

Studying Medicine at the University of Buckingham is a valuable investment for anyone looking to pursue a career in the healthcare industry. With its high-quality education, early clinical exposure, and interdisciplinary approach, students can be confident that they are receiving the best possible training to prepare them for a successful career in medicine.


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