IEU Labs Provides On-Campus Internships To Students


IEU Lab gives students a genuine taste of working in a consultancy team in the sector of their choice, from design to finance. Students get to build their professional profiles and gain valuable practical knowledge of different sectors.


IEU is one of the world's top universities which helps students develop their point view and potential in IEU's unique learning environment. The university allows students to get professional skills through an internship-like experience, through alternative traditional work placements called IEU Labs. 

These are full-tutored working spaces where students develop professional projects and work closely with companies and institutions.

There are many IEU Labs for students to choose from, and by joining one they will not only get to build their professional profile and gain valuable practical knowledge of different sectors, but they will also have direct contact with managers and directors of leading companies, extending their professional network.

This an excellent opportunity for students who want hands-on experience, to acquire interdisciplinary knowledge and professional skills. All students from any program are welcome to apply to any IEU Lab, although they are specially aimed at 1st and 2nd-year students. 

Students work during the second semester for 4-6 hours during the week for five continuous months. They also work after their final exams until the end of June with the very same working hours of 4-6 hours a day.

Students are allowed to only enroll in a maximum of 1 Lab each year. Each Lab counts 3 ECTS credits, offered at no extra cost. 

                                                            THESE ARE THE IEU LABS STUDENTS GET TO CHOOSE FROM:

  • Marketing and Consumer insights Lab - students develop brand building strategies and prepare marketing plans for their clients.
  • Finance Lab - Students analyze financial markets to optimize investment strategies.
  • Policy Lab -  Students develop professional projects for private companies, public organizations and nonprofits.
  • Design Lab -  aims to offer Architecture and Design students professional experience within the field of design by working on real projects and with real clients.
  • Entertainment Lab - Allows students to develop projects and reports around the Entertainment business and create value for the guest companies by building a solid response based on data-focused, trend-analysis recommendations.

  • Food Culture Lab - Students work in teams to connect the different areas of sustainability, climate change, energy efficiency, digitalization, technology, and education to experiment with new social and business values with a common thread: food as a tool to connect communities through energy.

  • Communication Lab - provides students with professional experience in designing and creating primarily web and social media-based written and audiovisual content for IE-based and external clients.

  • Legal Clinic Lab - aims to allow students to have hands-on experience, through pro bono practice. The Clinic provides free legal assistance to NGOs, foundations, and people in need, making an invaluable contribution to society.

  • Slow Fashion Lab - embraces the term sustainability, which encompasses many concepts that are sometimes difficult to understand and apply. Ethical, responsible, eco, circular, sustainable and innovative are just a few terms connected to this Lab. The Slow Fashion Lab, the pioneer at IE University, is born with the purpose of making these concepts easy to understand and to apply for the students with practical and inspiring training in the fashion industry.

  • Tech Lab - As the world becomes more and more digital, many industries are adopting software development techniques for their daily operations. In the Tech Lab, students will get familiar with some of those techniques, allowing them to be one step ahead of the market.

  • Econ Data Lab - provides students with professional experience in analyzing relevant economic issues for external clients.

  • Strategy Lab - allows students to provide strategic advice to selected companies. They interact directly with CEOs and senior
    management, analyze potential opportunities, and present conclusions and recommendations to CEO and their boards.

  • Social Impact Lab - Acts as an NGO consultancy. The work of the Lab consists in helping the NGOs to define their needs and reach their goals and objectives.

  • Start-up Lab - provides a space and advice for students who have and want to develop a business idea into a real business

For more information about IEU Labs and how to enroll, visit the IEU website.



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