Learn About Real World Business at EU Business School


At EU Business School, students are immersed in a real-world business environment by bringing business to life through guest speaker sessions, company visits, field trips, case studies, business simulations, and internships, among others. 


Established in 1973, EU Business School (EU) is an international, professionally accredited, high-ranking business school with campuses in Barcelona, Geneva, and Munich, as well as a Digital Campus.

EU offers English-taught foundation, bachelor’s, master’s, and MBA programs in subjects that foster entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership and are highly searched for by businesses. 

These include business administration, communication & public relations, international business, digital business, sports management, marketing, finance, and enterprise, among others.

EU's small-sized classes guarantee personalized and cooperative learning from its faculty of highly qualified academics, entrepreneurs, consultants, and business leaders. EU has a multicultural student body and faculty with more than 100 nationalities and a 30,000-strong alumni network. 

The school offers students with intercampus and exchange programs to enhance its student's global experience. The world of business gets brought to life at EU through guest speaker sessions, company visits, field trips, case studies, business simulations, and internships, among others. 

Prestigious guest speaker events with renowned international leaders and frequent company visits from organizations like BMW, the United Nations agencies, Siemens, and UEFA allow EU students to gain first-hand experience of the inner workings of global business giants

EU doesn't just allow connections through classrooms, students also have an opportunity to connect with other students in a multitude of ways through sports, festivals, parties, excursions and special events, and much more.

For both men and women, the school organizes official EU soccer, basketball, tennis, and volleyball teams that are coordinated by senior students or graduates. Teams regularly participate in tournaments and charity cups where they are cheered on by fellow students. Pop-up training sessions like boxing or running complement these healthy activities for an all-encompassing sports program.

EU's campuses are located in some of the most dynamic European cities, famous for being business, innovation, and networking hubs, as well as their beautiful architecture and rich cultural heritage. 

Trips are organized to visit cultural sites of interest within and beyond its city walls. Students get to enjoy skiing, and snowshoeing trips as well as hiking excursions and visits to local festivals with the EU's student board.

For seamless integration into the EU student community, fun welcome drinks during the orientation week are organized, and EU business school is always excited to share this experience with new students. 

EU Business School welcome party

For more information about the school and how to apply, visit the EU Business school website.



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