Looking For Some IE University Scholarships ?


IE University understands how important accessing financial aid is for a number of students and their families to cover some of the cost of their education. This is why IE university offers scholarships and other financing opportunities to help make funding students' education possible.


It is in IE University's DNA to take different actions to help outstanding talent overcome financial barriers to access higher education and unlock their full potential.

The university offers financial support to talented students in every stage of their IE educational experience, from their undergraduate studies to their master’s, doctorates, and research initiatives.

Students that wish to submit an application for scholarships are encouraged to do so after receiving their admission and before the start of their degree.

  IE UNDERGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIPS                                                           

  • IE Achievement Scholarship
  • IE Personal Excellence Scholarship 
  • IE Young Entrepreneurship Scholarship 
  • IE Humanities Scholarship
  • IE In Stem Scholarship 
  • IE Collaboration Scholarship 
  • IE Scholarship
  • IE Scholarship Countries In Special Situations

 AWARDS GRANTED UPON ADMISSION                                                           

  • IE High Potential Awards - By applying for admission to IE, candidates are automatically considered for this merit-based award and no scholarship application is required. Candidates nominated for this scholarship will be notified with their admission offer.

    Amount: The amount awarded for the duration of the degree will vary depending on the candidate’s merit and available funding at the time of admission.

PARTNERSHIP SCHOLARSHIPS                                                         

IE University collaborates with several partnering organizations to offer these scholarship opportunities. Please note that some scholarships require that you submit an external scholarship application.

  • IE Parents ' Young Talented leaders Program'
  • IE International Baccalaureate (IB) Scholarship
  • IE United World Colleges (UWC) Scholarship
  • IE Scholarship For Students Law 
  • IE Queen Rania Foundation Scholarship For Women Leaders
  • IE FRV Extremadura 'Young Talented Leaders Scholarship Program'

Here are some of the awards and scholarship opportunities available for master's programs students can explore.

  IE 'OPEN TO ALL' MASTER'S SCHOLARSHIPS                                               

  • IE Scholarship 
  • IE Collaboration Scholarship 
  • IE Talent Scholarship 
  • IE Scholarship For Countries in Special Situations

 DIVERSITY - BASED SCHOLARSHIPS                                                         

These scholarships aim to increase the number of candidates from underrepresented communities for master’s programs

  • IE North America Talent Scholarship 
  • IE Asia Pacific Talent Scholarship
  • IE Scholarship For Europe, Central Asia, and Israel
  • IE Latin America Future Leaders Scholarship
  • IE Middle East and Africa Scholarship
  • IE Women Scholarship 
  • IE Women in Stem Scholarship 
  • IE Women in Finance Scholarship
  • IE Women Leadership Scholarship

 VALUE-BASED SCHOLARSHIPS                                                                   

These scholarships are oriented towards candidates that have demonstrated their affinity for IE's four key pillars: Diversity, Entrepreneurship, Humanities, Technology & Innovation.

  • IE Scholarship For Diversity 
  • IE Scholarship For Entrepreneurship
  • IE Scholarship In The Humanities 
  • IE Scholarship For Technology and Innovation                                                     
  • IE – JOSÉ MARÍA CERVELLÓ Scholarship
  • IE – JOSÉ MARÍA CERVELLÓ Lawyering Scholarships For IE University Alumni
  • IE Northwestern University Scholarship 
  • IE - Brown Executive MBA Dean's Scholarship

   PARTNERS SCHOLARSHIPS                                                           

IE University collaborates with several partnering organizations to offer these scholarship opportunities.

  • IE Kistefos 'Young Talented Leaders Scholarship Program' For Africa 
  • IE Kistefos 'Young Talented Leaders Scholarship Programs' For Norway
  •  Valentín Díez Morodo Scholarship Fund for Excellence for Mexico
  • IE – FORTÉ MBA Fellowship 
  • IE- Queen Rania Foundation Scholarship For Jordanian Women Leader 
  • IE - Women Presidents' Organisation (WPO) Scholarship
  • CSC- IE Scholarship For Sustainable Development For Chinese Candidates
  • IE- Fulbright Award
  • IE- Instituto Ling Scholarship For Brazilian Candidates for Ft MBAs
  • IE- Instituto Ling Scholarship For Brazilian Candidates Under 'Jornalista de Visão'
  • IE - Life Scholarship For Lebanese Candidates
  • IE - TEV Scholarship For Turkish Candidates
  • IE- Bukas Growth Scholarship For Filipinos
  • IE- Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS) Scholarship
  • IE- CFA Scholarship
  • IE- IE- CAIA Scholarship
  • Ghanian Young Talented Leaders Scholarship (Ghana Scholarship Secretariat)
  • IE- US Veterans Fellowship
  • UNSCC Sustainable Development Leaders Scholarship

    DIRECT AWARDS                                                                     

  • IE High Potential Awards
  • IE School Of Architecture and Design Dean's Award
  • IE Business School Dean's Award
  •  IE School of Global and Public Affairs Master's Dean's Award
  • IE School of Sciences and Technology Dean's Award

For more information about the scholarships and how to apply, visit the IE University website.


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