Maximise Your Leaving Certificate Points Through Ashfield College


Headquartered in Ireland, Ashfield College provides Leaving Certificate examination preparation as a two-year senior cycle, as well as a one-year programme.



Annually, Ashfield College has an intake of students who are looking to maximise their Leaving Certificate potential by choosing to study an Extra Leaving Certificate Subject/ ‘Out of School Subject’.

According to the College, the Extra Leaving Cert Subjects have been designed for students to take up an extra subject which is not available in their own school. Students maximise their points in the Leaving Certificate, through the two-year course in a year.

According to 6th-year student, Rashid Dagari, Ashfield gives its students the opportunity to pick and choose subjects and the flexibility to change if they feel the subject that they took is not the right one for you.

Ashfield College has also highlighted that it is determined to give the best teaching experience and help students to achieve the best possible results.

The subjects that Ashfield offers include Design & Communications Graphics, Agricultural Science, Business, and Classical Studies.

Sixth-year student Jare Ogunleye has also shared that the main reason for joining the College was not only to maximise the student's potential points yield at the end of the year, but also to get a better understanding of core subjects being taught at Ogunleye’s school.

The College has also explained that these classes are scheduled after the usual school day, (typically from 5 p.m. onwards), with classes being held two evenings a week.

Fortunately for Ashfield students, extra subjects classes are scheduled in such a manner that they optimise a balance between classroom time, study time and project work for students. Ogunleye said these classes were beneficial in many aspects of the student’s education and social life.


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