Neapolis University Pafos courses are what you need


Neapolis University Pafos has a reputation for being one of the leading universities in Cyrus. Relevant knowledge, appropriate skills, and abilities that enable smooth and successful integration into 21st-century jobs are what NUP degrees offer. Here are the courses you can find at the university.


Established in 2010, Neapolis University Pafos aims to provide education that is high quality and of international standard.

NPU offers four schools which are the School of Economics, Business, and Computer Science; the School of Architecture, Engineering, Land and Environmental Sciences; the School of Health Sciences; and the School of Law.

                                                         THE SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS, BUSINESS, AND COMPUTER SCIENCE

This school is split into three departments which have degrees that focus on the different areas of the school, Economics, Business and Computer Science. Here are degrees under this school that students get to choose from :

                                                                           DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS

  • BSc Business Administration ( undergrad program)
  • Bachelor in Digital Business ( undergraduate program)
  • Master of Public Administration ( postgraduate program)
  • MBA in Shipping ( postgraduate)
  • MBA In Tourism
  • Ph.D. in Co - Supervision In Accounting and Finance (Ph.D.)
  • Ph.D. IN Co - Supervision in Business Administration 
  • Master in Public Administration ( distance learning)
  • Master in Business Administration ( distance learning)
  • Master in Tourism ( distance learning)
  • Master in Digital Marketing ( distance learning)

                                                                                  DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE

  • BSc in Applied Computer Science ( undergrad program)
  • MSc in Information Systems and Digital Innovation ( postgrad program)
  • MSc in Data Analytics and Financial Technology ( postgrad program)
  • MSC in Information Systems and Digital Innovation ( distance learning)
  • MSc in Data Analytics and Financial Technology ( Distance learning )

                                                                         DEPARTMENT OF ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE 

  • BSc Accounting, Banking and Finance ( undergrad program)
  • MSc in Accounting and Finance ( postgrad program)
  • Master of Banking, Investment and Finance ( postgrad program)
  • MSc in Forensic Accounting ( postgrad program)
  • MSc in Data Analytics and Financial Technology ( postgrad program)
  • MSc in Banking, Investment and Finance (distance learning)
  • MSc in Forensic Learning (distance learning )
  • MSc in Data Analytics and Financial Technology ( distance learning)
  • Ph.D.  in Co - Supervision in Accounting and Financial ( Ph.D.)


                                                      DEPARTMENT OF ARCHITECTURE, LAND, ENVIRONMENT SCIENCE

  • Bachelor & Integrated Master in Architecture ( undergrad program)
  • MSc in Environmental Impact Assessment and Sustainability Management ( postgrad program)
  • MSc in Space and Brand  Identity ( postgrad program )
  • MSc in Space and Brand Identity ( distance learning)

                                                                        DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL ENGINEERING 

  • BSc in Civil Engineering ( undergrad program )
  • MSc in Structural Robustness for Extreme Loading Conditions ( postgrad program)

                                                                           DEPARTMENT OF REAL ESTATE

  • BSc in Real Estate Valuation and Development ( undergrad program)
  • MSc in Real Estate ( postgrad program)

                                                                            SCHOOL OF HEALTH SCIENCES

                                                                           DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY 

  • BSc in Psychology ( undergrad program )
  • MSc in Educational Psychology ( postgrad program )
  • MSc in Counselling Psychology ( postgrad program)
  • MSc in Educational Psychology ( distance learning)
  • Ph.D. in Psychology  ( Ph.D. program )

                                                                                   SCHOOL OF LAW 

                                                                                DEPARTMENT OF LAW 

  • Bachelor of Law ( undergrad program )
  • Bachelor of Law - LLB English Law ( undergrad program)
  • Master of Law International and European Business Law ( postgrad program)
  • Master ( MA) IN Financial Law and Criminal Justice ( postgrad program )
  • LLM in International and European Business Law ( distance learning )

 For more information about the university and its courses, visit the Neapolis University Pafos website.



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