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The environment you stay in can have a considerable impact on your progress at university. In the UK, one accommodation aims to ensure students live in environments that are conducive to learning so they can achieve success.



Many students around the United Kingdom will move to new cities to further their education in their quest to obtain a tertiary education qualification.

This move can often be extremely daunting as some students leave home for the first time and the accommodation they occupy can have a massive impact on their happiness and by extension, their success at university.

CRM Students is a leading student accommodation provider in the United Kingdom. The group operates more than 50 student schemes which contain 23,000 bed spaces across the UK.

Their locations are located in cities across the UK and provide accommodation to thousands of students to further their education at the UK’s many prestigious universities.

CRM believes student safety is of the utmost importance, with every one of their student sites being covered by 24/7 CCTV and/or secure-entry systems, and managed by dedicated and friendly on-site teams.

The CRM team's office hours are between 10 AM and 5 PM. However, if students require urgent assistance, they can contact the CRM emergency contacts.

Students are responsible for their own rooms and communal kitchen within the flat. All other rooms and communal areas are cleaned by a site cleaner.

Students are encouraged to click on the city they are studying in and find a host of accommodation providers and explore the different amenities and benefits of each accommodation provider. They will also be able to find which universities are located in a particular city.  



In the world of higher education, as more and more newer institutions continue to be established in-line with modern advancements in education, it can be tougher for older institutions to keep up. However, Trinity College Dublin is not one of those universities, and has instead managed to maintain its own level of prestige over 400 years after its initial inception.

The Cambridge Judge Business School is at the heart of the University of Cambridge, one of the United Kingdom's two most prestigious universities. If you are going to do a one-year MBA programme this has got to be one of the universities you consider.