NHL Stenden Ranked Fourth In Applied Sciences Universities


NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences is one of many large universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands that have received recognition for the quality of their studies.


The NHL Stenden University is in the top four best large universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands for the fifth time in a row in the national ranking of the 'Keuzegids hbo 2023’.

The position is shared with Fontys University of Applied Sciences and Leiden University of Applied Sciences.

In the Keuzegids hbo 2023 NHL Stenden receives "especially high praise for its teacher training programmes".

In a statement, chairperson of the university’s board, Erica Schapel said:

This result confirms that, as a university of applied sciences, we are structurally among the top in the Netherlands. In the top four for the fifth year in a row: we can all be very proud of that.

Schapel added that this is an indication that the university is doing well, but NHL Stenden still wants to do more.

The following studies receive recognition in the recent award to the university:

  • Accountancy
  • Biology & Medical Laboratory Research (cooperation with van Hall Larenstein) - new top programme
  • Biotechnology (cooperation with van Hall Larenstein) - new top programme
  • Chemical Engineering (cooperation with van Hall Larenstein)           
  • Chemistry (cooperation with van Hall Larenstein)           
  • Civil Engineering - new top programme
  • Communication        
  • Finance & Control (Emmen) - new top programme
  • Fine Art and Design in Education      
  • Hospitality Management (Ad) (Emmen) - new top programme
  • Leisure & Events Management (Ad) (Emmen) - new top programme
  • Marine Technology (Ad) - new top programme
  • Online Contentcreator (Ad) 
  • Teacher Education in Geography      
  • Teacher Education in Mathematics  
  • Teacher Education in Social Studies - new top programme
  • Theatre in Education

According to reports, the Bachelor programmes Law; Public Administration; Mathematical Engineering and Finance, Tax and Advice are additional fields of study that have been identified as the best study programmes by the Keuzegids hbo 2023.



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