Pave Your Way To Success With An IE University Architecture Course


With The IE university being an institution of impact, paving your way with an Architecture course from the university guarantees you the most up-to-date education imaginable.


IE University offers Design and Architecture programs that take students on a journey through the design process from ideas to implementation.

Focusing on societal needs and complex global challenges, students become fluent in the latest technology and learn to create solutions with a clear strategic sense of purpose.

This is reflected in IE University's lively environment which is made up of a large top-tier global network, world-class virtual and on-campus facilities,  an inspirational faculty, and impressively established partnerships. IE's Design and Architecture programs come in a form of Bachelor's plus dual degrees and Master's plus dual degrees as well.  


Bachelor in Architectural studies:

  • Five-year degree that prepares students to transform the world and create meaningful environments.
  • Teaches essential tools and skills of architecture and encourages creative thinking.
  • Offers exclusive internship program for valuable work experience.
  • Career opportunities include running own firm, sustainability expert, urban design specialist, and working in architecture or engineering studios.

Bachelor in Design:

  • Four-year degree that challenges physical, experiential, functional, and emotional reality.
  • Designed for flexible and audacious individuals seeking creative solutions for a better and sustainable life.
  • Two years in Segovia and two years in Madrid.
  • Career opportunities include design consultant, user experience designer, strategic designer, visual designer, and product designer.

Bachelor's Dual Degrees in Administration and Design:

  • Five-year program for creative individuals passionate about innovation and business.
  • Blends business administration and design to develop a multidisciplinary skill set.
  • Study in Segovia and Madrid.
  • Career opportunities include innovator manager, strategy consultant, creative officer, user experience designer, and brand strategist.


Master in Business for Architecture and Design:

  • Trains professionals for a future where business and design are integrated.
  • Expands core design capacities with management, entrepreneurship, and innovation expertise.
  • 15-month program in Madrid, Amsterdam, and virtual learning.
  • Prepares students to become creative leaders.

Master in Strategic Interior Design:

  • Trains professionals to understand the impact of design on human behavior and culture.
  • Promotes strategic thinking for designers and spatial thinking for non-designers.
  • Six-month program in Madrid and virtual learning.
  • Helps advance careers in interior design.

Master in Architecture:

  • Provides managerial and advanced design skills for the engineering and construction industry.
  • Faculty with extensive industry experience.
  • Gain unique sector insights from expert speakers.
  • Stand out in a competitive environment.

Students with qualities of curiosity, creativity, and interest in interpreting space are well-suited for these programs.


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.For more information about the courses, visit the IE university website.


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