Prepare Your Entrepreneurial Spirit With An Education At The University Of Monaco


The International University of Monaco is well known for being an intimate, human-scale business school with a profoundly multicultural outlook. With more than 70 different nationalities in its student body, IUM encourages interactions and exchanges among students from around the world.

The International University of Monaco is a private institution of higher education founded in 1986 in the principality of Monaco. It educates highly skilled and responsible business leaders from all over the world in the fields of high-value activities, particularly in Luxury, Hospitality, and Financial Services.

IUM offers outstanding teaching in its small, connected, stimulating, cross-cultural environment fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, collaborative work, experiential learning, and mutual understanding among students, faculty, and staff. 

Quality education through research devoted to the advancement and dissemination of management knowledge in high-value activities in order to improve managerial practices is what IUM stands for. 

The university achieves its objective of educating and preparing students for successful careers in the business world through the provision of a comprehensive academic curriculum in an environment that integrates theory, research and application. 

Its program portfolio includes Bachelor, Master of Science, MBA, and DBA degrees in Business with specializations in Finance, Luxury, Sports Business Management, and International Management. It focuses mainly on those areas of expertise closely associated with Monaco: the management of high value-added service activities, especially in the luxury and finance sectors. 

Interestingly, IUM also offers a double degree which involves studying towards two university degrees in parallel, at two internationally acclaimed institutions, and completing them in the time, it would take to earn one degree. 

This means:

  • You spend the first academic year at your home institution IUM, and the second academic year at the host institution
  • You satisfy the degree requirements of both institutions
  • You receive two diplomas.

 How IUM Will Prepare You For The Job Market? 

  • In career seminars - Operational managers and HR managers present their companies and their opportunities to fresh graduates.
  • Career counselling - Guided by a team of counselors, students complete a self-orientation and get to establish a closer connection between their aptitudes and professional projects
  • Setting career goals objectives - Students are required to attend an interview to assess their motivations and personalize the search based on their career goals.
  • Up to 3 internship opportunities - during each program, students have three internship opportunities. Business conferences - Every year, IUM students can participate in several conferences getting in contact with companies and international organizations to better understand the functional areas, career paths, and the job market trends. 

If you are a non-EU citizen, IUM helps you prepare before and upon arrival within the country, guiding you step by step from getting your Visa to your residential card.

For more information, visit the IUM website.


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