School of International Affairs Gives Students Industry Exposure


Since 2016, the Paris School of International Affairs has been hosting an annual conference that brings both its students and industry players in a single platform. This is not only good exposure for the future leaders.


The Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA) was ranked second amongst universities globally for Politics and International Studies in the QS World University Rankings 2021.

The School has shared that it has over 400 courses that are being taught in the fields of international affairs by leading practitioners and internationally recognised professors.

Students also further gain exposure and also an opportunity to challenge world leaders and scholars through the School’s series of public events such as its Youth & Leaders Summit annual conference.

This annual event was launched in January 2016 and ever since, it continues to bring together leading International Affairs personalities with PSIA students in a single platform.

The School believes that engaging the youth and providing such a platform to reflect their voice is essential, but also grooming them to be future change makers and also current ones.

According to the Paris School of International Affairs, it has a population of 1500 students representing over 110 countries.

As this institution welcomes students from all over the world, it prides itself in its graduate programmes that provide its students with both an in-depth academic background in the respective study field.

So far, PSIA  has over 60 prominent international actors, including Gro Harlem Brundtland (Elder, former UN Special Envoy on Climate Change), Margrethe Vestager (European Commissioner for Competition), Sir Richard Branson (Founder of the Virgin Group), and Mohamed ElBaradei (Nobel Peace Prize laureate), and over 4,000 diverse and dynamic participants, who have led the conferences to success.


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