Study At The Top Ranking University Of Europe For Applied Sciences


Earning quality education in Applied Sciences may not be hard to come by, but finding one of the best institutions to study Applied Sciences from, may be a bit more difficult. Luckily, a student needs to look no further than the University of Europe for Applied Sciences to get some of the best international education in Applied Sciences.


Over the years, more and more institutions of higher learning have proven themselves as being able to produce extraordinary, world-ready graduates, and have continued to provide top quality education to those seeking it. However, despite the stiff competition, the private University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) has continued to stand out for its efforts in the teachings of Applied Sciences. 

The university has a wide array of courses to study from, which fall under the following selection of study programmes:

  • Art and Design
  • Business and Sport
  • Tech and Software
  • Psychology
  • Dual Programmes

Between these programmes, the university amasses a selection of about 60 programmes between their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Beyond that, they also offer a foundation programme, which is a one-year pre-studies programme to prepare students to enter their study careers in Germany.

On the other hand, when students are not studying, they can get involved with the different student departments. Through these departments, students will be able to engage with sports, the student band, the campus magazine, the cinema and radio departments, the GreenHouse department, and much more.

Before even discussing its consistently high rankings, we must look at the very qualities possessed by the university that have earned it its acclaim. Beginning with their global education, not only does the university boast a diverse student body, accommodating students representing over 90 nationalities, they also offer globally oriented programmes that give way to cross-border lectures and global projects.

This way, global input and collaboration plays a large hand in the conduction of UE's study programmes. Furthermore, the university is said to maintain a high teaching standard due to its lecturers being given access to the newest teaching content, virtual teaching facilities, and quality research facilities.

In addition, seeing as the university specialises in the Applied Sciences, students earn a lot of practical experience through practical studies. As a result, students get to engage practically in projects produced in partnership with professionals in the business, media, politics, arts and culture spaces, and more.

Finally, UE characterises its teaching style as informal, but still promises optimal learning success and highly experienced lecturers in its small classes. It is, therefore, due to the above qualities, that the university receives the acclaim and reward that it has attained thus far.

Some of UEs achievements include the following:

  • Awarded as a Top Educational Institution in Germany 2022 - awarded by the Deutsche Institut für Service-Qualität und ntv
  • Ranked among the Top 5 providers of private universities and dual study programmes in Germany by STERN
  • Ranked among the Top 10 performers in the Business Studies category by the Centre for Higher Education Development
  • Ranked among the 25 best schools with international orientation worldwide by U-Multirank

Beyond that, possibly the biggest advantage about enrolling at UE is the fact that students will have the opportunity to stay in the beautiful country of Germany. Students will enjoy the possibility of taking in the country’s beautiful scenery, historical architecture, and depth of culture with its campuses being situated in hotspots such as Berlin, Iserlohn, Potsdam, Hanover and Hamburg.

The campus placements will also expose students to the lively nightlife offered in many of these cities. In addition, there will be ample opportunity for recreational activities such as being able to visit parks, aquariums, museums, cinemas, and enjoy interactive experiences, theatre performances, and so on.

If your interest has been piqued and you would like to learn more, visit the University of Europe for Applied Sciences’ official website.


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