Europe and Ireland


Articles about the colleges and universities that are operating on mainland Europe and the Republic of Ireland.

The Paris School Of International Affairs is a graduate school located in Paris, France which offers an international-facing education in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Since 1872, The institution has developed to be an international research university known all around the world for its unique curriculum.

Located in Cyprus, Neapolis University Pafos is an option that is worth considering if you are looking to study remotely in one of  Europe's tertiary institutions. The private university offers a variety of distance learning programs as part of its mission to make education accessible worldwide. 

Studying medicine can be an immensely beneficial career path. The University Of Buckingham could be a the right place to kick-start your career in Medicine, granted that you meet the entry requirements.

Neapolis University Pafos has a reputation for being one of the leading universities in Cyrus. Relevant knowledge, appropriate skills, and abilities that enable smooth and successful integration into 21st-century jobs are what NUP degrees offer. Here are the courses you can find at the university.

IEU Lab gives students a genuine taste of working in a consultancy team in the sector of their choice, from design to finance. Students get to build their professional profiles and gain valuable practical knowledge of different sectors.

Earning quality education in Applied Sciences may not be hard to come by, but finding one of the best institutions to study Applied Sciences from, may be a bit more difficult. Luckily, a student needs to look no further than the University of Europe for Applied Sciences to get some of the best international education in Applied Sciences.

The Ueberflieger is a youth welfare facility that offers home tutoring, to help learners catch up on the lost curriculum and also improve on their grades.


Universities are multi-faceted organisations that are annually ranked, using a number of factors. Rankings don't only indicate an institution's growth, and quality of education, but also provides a local and global comparison to other universities. 

NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences is one of many large universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands that have received recognition for the quality of their studies.


Earning your master’s degree is one of the most esteemed, but toughest courses of education for students to be able to pursue. However, with the Centre for European Master’s Programme, students will have the advantage of pursuing their master’s in specialised courses created and taught by industry experts.

When considering study abroad opportunities, despite all it has to offer, Turkey might not be the first country that comes to mind for students. However, their relatively young and innovative Haliç University has its own perks that may convince students to seriously consider the institution, especially if one is looking to broaden their horizons during their studies.

For those academics with religious backgrounds, the importance of finding an  institution whose values align with their own can be of great importance. Luckily, for those Catholic students based in, or looking to pursue their studies in Spain, UCAM Universidad is the perfect institution to integrate one’s religious desires with their study pursuits.

IE University is committed to providing a dynamic, transformational learning environment, and we're committed to shaping the people who will go on to shape the world.

With the city of Amsterdam being a major tourist attraction, it is no wonder that people from all over the world flock to the city to pursue their studies and enjoy everything that Amsterdam, and the Netherlands entirely, has to offer. At Nyenrode Business Universiteit, students can do just that, having the option to study from a number of business qualifications in the beautiful country of the Netherlands, entirely in English.


Regent College London prides itself on being an institution that welcomes students from all over the world, and of all age groups. The following reveals the fundamental qualities that the college has to offer its students, including information on how to apply for the college.

Ranked as the number one university in Australia for young people, the University of Technology Sydney is an attractive prospect for both Australian and International students wanting to further their education.