There's A Place For Everyone At Management And Science University


With students from over 40 countries, the moment you step into Management and Science University, you will experience cultural diversity all around. Their different racial or academic background and experience add a unique feature to the university.


Located in Shah Alam, Selangor, Management and Science University is a private university in Malaysia only became a fully-fledged university in 2001. It is one of Malaysia's top universities which emphasizes the success of its graduates, both in academic success and soft skills in order to produce a holistic, well-balanced, and well-rounded graduate.

MSU offers a wide range of programs through its faculties which are the faculty of Business Management and Professional Studies, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Faculty of Information Science and Engineering, International Medical School, School of Education and Social Sciences, School of Hospitality and Creative Arts and Lastly, the School of Pharmacy. 

Whether you want to pursue a program at the undergraduate, postgraduate, part-time, or diploma level, MSU has you covered. The university also enables its students to be future global leaders by providing platforms such as societies, clubs, and sports for them to engage in.

This is a place for everyone and education admission is offered to all walks of life, locally and internationally. MSU has an International Student Society which ensures that support is granted by :

  • Facilitating new students during registration
  • Assisting international students to get adjusted to the new environment
  • Organizing activities that celebrate diversity and cultures across countries
  • Supporting students’ needs around the campus 
  • Disseminating relevant information where necessary

Another means that MSU makes to ensure students are getting an equal chance at quality education is through the provision of financial assistance to eligible candidates. The funds are distributed through various means including collaborative efforts between MSU and several public and private institutional partners. 

For more information about the university and also how to apply, visit the Management and Science University website.


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