Atlantic International University Courses You Can Apply For


If you have ever considered studying at an institution that is based abroad while in the comfort of your home country, then Atlantic International University may be the ideal option. Founded in 1998, the university is based in Honolulu, Hawaii and offers distance learning programs while it operates entirely online.


The Atlantic International University (AIU) is a renowned online institution that offers a wide array of courses to cater to the educational needs and career aspirations of students across the globe. 

With a commitment to flexible learning and self-paced education, AIU provides an opportunity for individuals to acquire knowledge and skills in various study programmes.

So with that in mind, let us delve into the extensive list of courses available at the university that you can apply for. 

From business and finance to mathematics, sociology, and beyond, AIU aims to provide accessible and comprehensive education tailored to your interests and goals.

Business and Finance Courses

Business Communication: Enhance your written and verbal communication skills, as these skills are essential for effective business interactions and presentations.

Business Ethics: Explore the ethical challenges faced in the business world and develop a strong ethical framework to make sound decisions.

Business Policy and Strategy: Gain insights into strategic management and decision-making processes to develop effective business policies.

Business Statistics: Acquire a solid foundation in statistical analysis and interpretation of data to support informed business decisions.

Cost Accounting: Learn to analyze and manage costs within an organization, helping businesses optimize their financial performance.

Financial Management: Understand the principles of financial management, including budgeting, investment analysis, and risk assessment.

Mathematics and Quantitative Methods Courses

College Algebra: Strengthen your algebraic skills and apply mathematical concepts to solve real-world problems.

Fundamentals of Math: Build a strong foundation in basic mathematical concepts and problem-solving techniques.

Quantitative Methods: Develop a comprehensive understanding of quantitative analysis and its application in various fields.

Social Sciences and Humanities Courses

Consuming Cultures: Explore the cultural dimensions of consumption and analyze the impact of consumer behaviour on societies.

Psychology: Study the intricacies of human behaviour, cognition, and emotions to gain insights into individual and social dynamics.

Sociology: Examine social structures, institutions, and societal changes to understand the complexities of human interaction.

Sociology and Organizations: Explore the relationship between individuals, groups, and organizations within a sociological framework.

Other Courses

Electronic Commerce: Learn about the fundamentals of e-commerce and the strategies involved in conducting business online.

Human Resource Management: Gain knowledge and skills necessary for effective recruitment, training, and management of human resources within organizations.

International Marketing: Understand the complexities of global marketing, including market research, international branding, and cultural considerations.

Public Sector Marketing: Explore marketing strategies and techniques applicable to public sector organizations and non-profit entities.

So whether you are interested in business and finance, mathematics, social sciences, or humanities, AIU strives to provide accessible and comprehensive programs that foster personal and professional growth. 

As you explore the available courses, it is advisable to review the specific requirements, accreditation status, and potential career opportunities associated with each study program. 



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