How To Apply For Atlantic International University Online Courses


AIU makes it possible for students to earn their degree in the comfort of their own homes and still have time for themselves and their family. Here's all you need to know when it comes to applying.


Atlantic International University has many purposes and missions, including encouraging students to take advantage of their freedom to choose their educational experience.

Students who are pursuing a certificate should have a high school diploma or equivalent qualifications such as a GED. For those who are seeking admission to the associate’s program, a high school degree or relevant experience is required for consideration.

Undergraduate students who are seeking to obtain a bachelor’s degree should have completed high school or an equivalent amount of experience of at least two years. Graduate students must have a bachelor’s degree in order to be eligible for a master’s. 

Doctoral students should possess a master’s degree and have at least five years of experience that aligns with the program requirements. Post-doctorate students should hold a doctoral degree, along with five years of relevant experience.


It is not difficult to become an AIU student. This is how a student's admission process should be:

  • Reviewing AIU's degree programs to determine which specialization will further their career goals
  • Reviewing the tuition and fees associated with the courses or degree program they're considering, as well as payment options.
  • Checking the Admission Requirements to determine whether or not they are eligible to be admitted to an AIU degree program
  • Lastly, students need to complete the application form and submit their curriculum vitae (resume) via the online application form or by fax to 1-808-947-2488. Students need to simply follow the steps in the form or call an Admissions Counselor at 1-800-993-0066 (Toll-Free in the US) or 1-808-924-9567 (Internationally) to walk them through the process.

When it comes to acceptance, the Admission Office will contact the applicant with the results of the student evaluation and the basis of acceptance.

Notification of acceptance and student affirmation of the acceptance allow student enrollment to the university. Enrollment fees are due upon enrollment. 

For more information about applying, visit the Atlantic International University website.


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