Options For Study At Neapolis University Pafos


Situated in the island of Cyprus, Neapolis University Pafos is a young private university aimed at offering high-quality education. Below lies further information about what the institution has to offer its prospective students.

The Neapolis University Pafos (NUP) was originally established in 2010, and has since dedicated itself to providing adequate higher education for students between its five schools faculty: 

  1. School of Economics, Business and Computer Science
  2. School of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities
  3. School of Architecture, Engineering, Land and Environmental Sciences
  4. School of Health Sciences
  5. School of Law

The university’s mission includes providing a space in which its students can become active and substantial contributors to social development, as well as contributors to science through innovation and the conduction of important research projects, in an aim towards moulding ideal scientific professionals.

Teaching is conducted in both the Greek and English languages and the university offers both a distance-learning programme as well as on-campus programmes. Here are the courses of study offered for both in-contact and online learning at each graduate level:

School of Economics, Business and Computer Science

  • Department of Accounting and Finance - undergraduate (ug): Bachelor of Sciences (BSc) in Accounting, Banking and Finance, postgraduate (pg): Master of Sciences (MSc) in Accounting and Finance and Master of Banking, Investment and Finance (contact and distance-learning), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD): in Supervision in Accounting and Finance
  • Department of Computer Science - ug: BSc in Applied Computer Science, pg: MSc in Information Systems and Digital Innovation (contact and distance-learning)
  • Department of Economics and Business - ug: BSc in Business Administration and Bachelor in Digital Business, pg: Master of Public Administration (MPA), MPA in Management of Public Healthcare (contact and distance-learning), MPA in General Management (contact and distance-learning), MPA in Educational Management/ MPA in Educational administration (distance learning), Masters of Business Administration (MBA)  (contact and distance-learning), MBA in Shipping, MBA in Tourism (contact and distance-learning), and MSc in Digital Marketing (contact and distance-learning), PhD: with Co-Supervision in Accounting and Finance

School of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities

  • Department of History, Politics and International Studies - ug: BSc in International Relation and Security, pg: Master in History, MSc in International Relations, Strategy and Security (contact and distance-learning), MSc in European Politics and Governance (contact and distance-learning), MA in Modern and Contemporary History (distance-learning), PhD: in Modern Contemporary History 
  • Greek Language School - Greek Language programme (available to students at any qualification level)

School of Architecture, Engineering, Land and Environmental Sciences

  • Department of Education, Land and Environmental Sciences - ug: Bachelor and Diploma in Architecture, pg: MSc in Environmental Impact and Sustainability Management and MA in Digital Video Production
  • Department of Civil Engineering - ug: BSc in Civil Engineering, pg: Msc in Structural Robustness for Extreme Loading Conditions
  • Department of Real Estate - ug: BSc in Real Estate Valuation and Development, pg: MSc in Real Estate

School of Health Sciences

  • Department of Psychology - ug: BSc in Psychology, pg: MSc in Educational Psychology (contact and distance-learning), MSc in Counselling Psychology, Phd: in Psychology

School of Law

  • Department of Law - ug: Bachelor of Law (LLB), LLB English Law, pg: Master of Law (LLM) in International and European Business Law (contact and distance-learning), MA in Financial Crime and Criminal Justice

To learn more about what the university has to offer, visit their page by clicking here.


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