Study Fine Arts At Boston Conservatory At Berklee


Fine arts are created to be specifically aesthetically pleasing. If you want to create fine art, why not do so at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee, which offers programmes in dance, music and theatre. 


Established in 1867 by founder Julius Eichberg, The Boston Conservatory at Berklee recently celebrated 150 years of existence. In this century and a half, having worked to provide a progressive learning environment where students are challenged to reach their full potential. 

The arts institution provides transformative and contemporary performing arts education that encourages students with skill, self-awareness and courage to shape the world around them.

The Boston Conservatory at Berklee are experts at providing performing arts education, delivering world class programmes in Dance, Music and Theatre. Courses offered at the institution are perfect for preparing students for a career in the TV, Film, Web and entertainment industries.

Dance Degrees

The Boston Conservatory offers two separate Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degrees in Dance. The three year course centres on dance creation and performance for commercial industries including Film, Television and Broadway.

The BFA: Dance in Contemporary Dance foundations are built on classical tradition but embraces what is current and innovating in the field of dance. The programme was named as a Top 10 programme for dance in the United States of America by Backstage.

BFA Dance in Commercial Dance is designed for highly skilled dancers who want to immerse themselves in training in a broad range of commercial dance styles. Throughout the three-year programme, students will interact and form connections with industry professionals and have several gig and internship opportunities.

Mastering Music

The Boston Conservatory offers a wide range of dance programmes that embrace diversity that results in the world these artists live in. Completing one of their music courses prepares students to impact the world immediately and shape the future landscape of music.

Students can enrol in academic programmes focusing on several disciplines. This includes  brass, choral conducting , collaborative piano, composition, conducting, contemporary music, classical music, harp, percussion and marimba, piano, strings, and vocal pedagogy and opera.

The Theatre

The Treathre programmes offered at Boston Conservatory aims to create graduates who are at the forefront of cutting-edge artistry who are collaborative and possess entrepreneurial spirit.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre: Contemporary Theater is a rigorous four-year programme designed for theatre artists whose talents and interests transcend traditional labels or categories. The programme helps students develop bold and innovative theatre makers who will shape the future of the industry.

The  Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater: Musical Theater aims to reduce musical theatre by allowing students to foster artistic authenticity and diversity in all forms. The four-year programme sets up graduates for a successful career in the performing arts.

If you are interested in studying the fine arts at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee then you can take a virtual tour of their campus to get a feel of what they offer. 


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