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All the information you need on universities and colleges that are available for study in the United States and Canada.

Atlantic International University is a distance learning institution that specialises in experiential learning and non-traditional education. The institution offers a range of programmes as well as free online courses. 

When considering pursuing higher education, one of the important factors to consider is the cost of tuition. For those interested in online education at Atlantic International University (AIU), it is essential to understand the tuition fees associated with the programs offered.

Harvard University is one of the most prestigious universities in the world, therefore one can only imagine how tough it might be for an undergraduate student to gain acceptance into the Harvard Medical School. Nonetheless, for those students who do believe that they may have what it takes, the following highlights the minimum requirements for acceptance and what to expect during application for the school.

McDaniel College believes that educating students for their own enrichment allows them to think critically, creatively, and humanely. With careful mentoring and attention to the individual, McDaniel changes lives.

Northwestern university is one of the most prestigious universities in the United States (US), and is also highly ranked globally, thus, it is no surprise that their business school has been consistently regarded as one of the top Business Schools in the US. The following reveals all that a prospective business student would need to know about the Kellogg School of Management.

Harvard University, the oldest institution of higher learning in the US, has educated students who went on to be lawyers, doctors, billionaire entrepreneurs, and even presidents. 

Thompsons River University prioritizes student success and empowers them to reach their goals. The institution incorporates flexible learning options, individualized student services, hands-on learning opportunities and a diverse, inclusive environment. 

Harvard Medical School is the graduate medical school of Harvard University, located in the Longwood Medical Area of Boston, Massachusetts in the United States of America. 

Religion and the Arts both function as expressive forms for individuals to indulge in, and converging the two can influence an interesting engagement. Belmont Abbey College attempts to perform this combination by joining these expressive forms in such a way that its students can engage in the arts, whilst maintaining their religious beliefs at the centre of their studies.

Harvard University is known globally to be one of the best institutions of higher learning in the world. The following is a brief guide on what students who wish to benefit from the university’s prestigious history and educational qualities can expect from the institution.

King University is built on over 40 years of God's faithfulness, dedication and passion from a selfless supporting community and an unwavering commitment to academic excellence. Become one of the students that Kings University does its best in reflecting Christ's love and grace to.

EPIC Training is designed to enhance the skills of professional engineers and innovators in technology through an education effort that keeps them up-to-date to deal with the changes in the industry. The programme offers opportunities for individual betterment and group training for staff.

Mohawk College offers interesting and dynamic courses of study, that can eventually lead to a Bachelor's Degree. If you're thinking about studying abroad, this Canadian college is one to consider.

Refugees who aspire to obtain an education have an opportunity to do so through a scholarship that will support them should they pursue their studies in the U.S. or Canada.


With campuses located in five major cities, Hult International Business school is ranked among the best business schools in the world. The institution aims to bring together forward-thinking people from all over the world to learn business by doing business.

Northwestern University has a highly-regarded business school, known as the Kellogg School of Management. Located in the United States of America, you can obtain a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. 

If you are planning on studying medicine through Harvard University, but don't have the funds to do so, you should consider applying for bursaries or scholarships. 

Are a you student nearing the end of your schooling journey but longing for something different? Class Afloat allows you to gain your high school qualification while sailing around the world, sounds like something straight out of a television show.


Finding a university scholarship in Canada can be a daunting task. However, with the right resources and knowledge, it is possible to get the funding you need to pursue your educational dreams. 

If you have an interest in studying medicine through Harvard University, the first step you have to follow is to make sure you meet the eligibility requirements before applying to Harvard Medical School.


If you're looking for an online course and want to earn a credible qualification but don't want to spend too much money, then on of Shaw Academy's free courses might be for you. Here is all you need to know.

If you have ever considered studying at an institution that is based abroad while in the comfort of your home country, then Atlantic International University may be the ideal option. Founded in 1998, the university is based in Honolulu, Hawaii and offers distance learning programs while it operates entirely online.