Choose Your Creativity At The University Of The Arts London


The University of Arts London offers courses in art, design, screen, communication, fashion, media and performing arts.

Whether you're a passionate artist or a curious creative, we want you to know that your future starts at The University of the Arts London.

Though you might associate art and design with contemporary, cutting-edge creations, the majority of innovations in both fields are rooted in the past. History is filled with individuals who revolutionized their respective fields through a combination of passion and creativity.

By joining the University of Arts London only will you have access to the best facilities across their 6 Colleges, but you’ll also benefit from their extensive business links and career support.

A world-class faculty and cutting-edge facilities are just two of the reasons why UAL students are so successful with their careers.

Universities are places that provide a wealth of opportunities for students to engage in the world around them. Whether it's taking a class to learn about the history of art or on the psychology of communication, you'll find yourself engaging with ideas and people that you may never have encountered otherwise. The University of the Arts London is home to a wide range of arts-related majors and minors, which means that no matter your interests, you can get involved right away.


  • Pre-degree
  • Undergraduate
  • Postgraduate
  • Open Courses (Online)
  • Short Courses

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