Here Are The University Of Buckingham Courses You Can Choose From


If you're considering studying in England, there are the courses available at the University of Buckingham for you to consider.


The University of Buckingham is a non-profit private university in Buckingham, England and the oldest of the country's five private universities.

The institution offers a wide range of courses, for undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications that can lead to many career opportunities. Currently, there are 64 undergraduate courses for you to choose from, as well as 46 postgraduate courses, and 48 research courses.

The university also has part-time and short courses, two-year courses, online courses, January courses and others such as apprenticeships.

Here are a few courses for you to choose from:

Undergraduate Courses

  1. Accounting and Finance
  2. Biomedical Sciences
  3. Business Economics
  4. Business Enterprise
  5. Business Management 
  6. Computing
  7. Digital News and Media
  8. English Literature
  9. History
  10. Economics, Business and Law
  11. Art History
  12. International Studies
  13. Law
  14. Law and Criminology
  15. Marketing
  16. Medical Sciences

Postgraduate Courses

  1. Applied Computing
  2. Applied Data Science
  3. Biography
  4. Education
  5. Finance and Investment
  6. Health Psychology
  7. International and Commercial Law
  8. Master of Medicine
  9. Medical Education
  10. PGCE 
  11. United Nations and Diplomatic Studies

Research Courses

  1. 20th-Century British History
  2. Accounting
  3. Biomedical Science
  4. Biography
  5. Computing
  6. Caribbean and Latin American Studies
  7. Digital News and Media 
  8. Cyberpsychology
  9. English Literature
  10. Garden History
  11. History of Western Architecture 
  12. Mathematics
  13. Law
  14. International Studies
  15. Philosophy



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