Self-Paced Online Training Course For Spring Manufacturers


The Institute of Spring Technology has a number of courses that will help professionals in this field to upskill. If you have a busy schedule, there’s also an online course that could suit your lifestyle.


Participants from across the globe are welcome to take part in the Institute of Spring Technology’s (IST) e-learning training.

The Institute confirmed that all of its courses are delivered in English to help individuals to easily understand the content.

These courses have been designed to help individuals to learn at their own pace, and the IST e-learning training can be done whenever and wherever.

According to the Institute, the self-paced e-learning module gives participants a basic understanding and knowledge in designing a compression spring.

The course covers the following areas:

  • Spring end types
  • Number of coils
  • Solid length
  • Rate and stress calculations
  • Minimum working length
  • Spring performance in service

The course is ideal for spring manufacturers, design engineers and spring end users, and will greatly benefit individuals with a busy schedule. 

On average the course can take up to 2 hours to complete, and after an individual has completed all of these modules, they will be issued with a certificate.

For all of the courses, participants will need to have a device such as a laptop, personal computer or tablet with a microphone and camera. 

This will help the participants to ask questions and interact with the group throughout the course.

Additionally, individuals participating in the e-learning training courses will also be required to have a Zoom account.

For any of the courses that will focus on spring design using the relevant software, participants will need a computer with Windows 8 or higher to run the software

The course costs £175 per person, and individuals may start by getting in touch with the Institute for more information.


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