Study At Cranfield University's School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing


Cranfield University's School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing brings together three of the principal themes of the University. Cranfield University is a postgraduate university, which means that their programs are designed to be relevant to both business and the world of technology.

As a large-scale university, Cranfield has the resources to put together programs that are on par with any of the best universities in the world, but they also have an impressive list of industry partners who constantly provide students with real-world experience and opportunities.

Cranfield’s courses are designed with the student’s future career in mind, so you can rest assured that your degree will be one of the most valuable tools for getting ahead in today’s competitive job market.

The university focuses on leading the way with modern technology and management skills – this is reflected in its large-scale facilities.

What is Aerospace?

Aerospace is a field of engineering concerned with the development and manufacturing of machines that fly. These machines include airplanes, spacecraft, missiles, helicopters, and other vehicles taking flight under their own power. Aerospace engineers design and test prototypes, develop the technologies that make safe flight possible, and supervise the production of aircraft and other vehicles.

Aerospace engineering is also one of the few branches of engineering where engineers have to be extremely detail-oriented in designing things like circuit boards and landing gear - yet they have to have a mind for larger systems at the same time. It's not just about making sure that each piece works well on its own, but also that it comes together seamlessly with all the other pieces.

Aerospace is an exciting and fascinating field, with a long history of significant developments.

School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing

Cranfield University is a place where the fields of Aerospace, Manufacturing, and Transport Systems meet. It's the ideal place for students who want to get their education in these fields, as it combines all three of the main themes of the University. 

Cranfield University's School of Aerospace, Manufacturing and Transport Systems is the largest of their four Schools at the university.

They offer an innovative approach to aerospace education that enables their graduates to be at the forefront of developments in their chosen field.

Cranfield also offers a variety of courses in the sectors

  • Defence and Security
  • Environment and Agrifood
  • Energy and Power
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport systems and water 
  • Leadership and management

How to apply to study at Cranfield University

If you are interested in applying to study at Cranfield University, find out how you can apply below:

  • Applications are made online by clicking here or from their course page.
  • Once you have submitted your application you will receive an email confirmation.
  • Cranfield University only requires electronic copies of these documents during the application process, which you can provide securely in the Applicant Portal or by email. Please do not send us hard copies of your original documents.

Within 2 days of your application submission Cranfield will confirm your username and password, so you can access our Applicant Portal, EVE, through which you will be able to:

  • view your application and personal details,
  • check the status of your application,
  • upload documents, if required, in support of your application,
  • request a change to your application,
  • update your contact details,
  • withdraw your application (prior to receiving a decision),
  • ask for a deferral (if you have received an offer).

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For more information about the courses offered at Cranfield University, visit the university's official website here.

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