Study Business At Heriot-Watt Edinburgh Business School


Edinburgh Business School is Heriot-Watt University’s Graduate School for Business, and offers business graduates the opportunity to further their studies. The following reveals all necessary information about the business school.

The Edinburgh Business School, located in Edinburgh, Scotland forms a part of the Heriot-Watt University. The school offers both online and in-person learning, placing great emphasis on an integrated online learning programme for students to claim their Master’s and PhDs from all across the world.

Their online programme allows students to gain access to their necessary course materials, past papers, student announcements, and much more. This is to ensure that online students have adequate access to all the student resources they would require in the completion of their studies. 

Their online programme is made such that students are able to attain their Master’s degrees at their own pace, and in the comfort of their own chosen working environments. Furthermore, online learning allows for a greater global study community, with students from different countries all over the world benefitting from the flexible components of online study.

The online degrees include the following:

  • Master of Sciences (MSc) Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • MSc in Financial Management
  • MSc Digital Leadership
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) with Specialism in Finance
  • MSc Business Analytics and Consultancy
  • MBA with Specialism in Strategy
  • MBA
  • Pre-Doctoral Programme (PGCert) Business Research Methods
  • Research- Doing Business As (DBA) Business Administration

The school also has in-contact degrees available for its students, which are divided between five realms of study. 

These realms and their respective qualifications include the following undergraduate subjects:

  • Accounting - Master of Arts (MA) Honours (Hons) in: Accountancy and Finance; Accountancy and Finance (Accelerated); Accounting and Business Finance; and Accountancy
  • Business - Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) (Hons), MA (Hons) in: Business Management; Business Management: Financial Services; International Business Management; International Business Management (Accelerated); International Business Management with one year abroad; and Information Technology (IT) Management for Business
  • Economics - MA (Hons) in: Economics; Economics and Finance; Economics and Business Management; Economics (accelerated)
  • Finance - MA (Hons) in: Finance; Accounting and Business Finance; and Business and Finance
  • Marketing - MA (Hons) in: Marketing or Marketing (Accelerated)

Whilst postgraduate degrees are divided between the following subjects:

  • Accounting - MSc Accounting; Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Accounting; MSc Applied Accounting; MSc International Accounting and Finance
  • Business and Management - MSc in: International Business Management with Finance; Business Analytics and Consultancy; Business Strategy Leadership and Change; Digital Leadership; Human Resource Management (HRM), International Business Management; International Business Management with Finance, HRM, Industry Placement, Marketing, or Project Management; Strategic Project Management; MBA; MBA with Specialism in Finance or Strategy; Executive MBA; and PGCert Business Research Methods
  • Economics - MSc in: Energy and Economics; Economics with Data Analytics; Economics, Banking and Finance; and PhD Economics
  • Finance - MSc in: Finance; Finance and Management; Financial Management; International Banking and Finance; International Business Management with Finance; International Management; and PhD Finance
  • Logistics and Operations - MSc in: International Master in Industrial Management (IMIM); Logistics and Supply Chain Management; Maritime Logistics and Management; Operations Management; Strategic Project Management; and PhD Logistics Management
  • Marketing - MSc in: Digital Marketing; International Business Management with Marketing; International Fashion Marketing; International Marketing; International Marketing with Consumer Psychology; Marketing; Marketing (Accelerated); Marketing PhD

It must be noted that the qualifications under each subject can either be studied online, as aforementioned, or at the school’s three main campuses in Edinburgh, in Malaysia, or in Dubai.

Further information about studying at the business school can be found here.


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