Why You Should Consider Studying At The University of Westminster


London is one of the world's most famous destinations, from sport to art, finance and fashion and everything in between London has it all. The famous city is also home to the University of Westminster



Established more than 180 years ago, The University of Westminster has a rich history as being the first polytechnic institution in London and one the first in the United KingdomA polytechnic institution is a college or university where students study scientific and technical subjects.

The University of Westminster's teaching style is practical, relevant and contemporary. This allows them to facilitate the production of research that impacts wider society and is internationally recognised.

They offer a wide variety of courses at their three colleges from short courses to postgraduate degrees. These colleges are the College of Design, Creative and Digital Industries, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Westminster Business School.

Students who choose to study at the University of Westminster can choose from a range of different academic programmes from short courses to postgraduate qualifications. 

Whether it's finance or humanities, art or engineering, the university offers everything you may want to study and more.

The College of Design, Creative and Digital Industries comprises of the;

  • School of Architecture and Cities

  • School of Computer Science and Engineering

  • Westminster School of Arts

  • Westminster School of Media and Communications

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences comprises of the;

  • School of Humanities

  • School of Life Sciences

  • School of Social Sciences

  • Westminster Law School

Westminster Business School comprises of the;

  • School of Applied Management

  • School of Finance and Accounting

  • School of Management and Marketing

  • School of Organisations, Economy and Society

The University of Westminster has four campuses located across London and a range of venues including its very own cinema, gallery spaces, sports facilities, and more. They are currently supporting 19,000 students which hail from 198 countries.

If you are interested in studying at the University of Westminster, you can attend their open days which take place toward the end of the year. These open days can be attended online or in person. They also host free online events allowing individuals to learn more about the world around them.


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