Why You Should Study At Salford Business School


The world of business requires professionals who are independent, self-motivated and willing to work hard to achieve their goals. Many of the critical skills and expertise needed to succeed in business can be learned at the Salford Business School.


The University of Salford in Manchester offers a wide range of academic programmes covering arts, media, science, engineering, health and languages. The university also offers several business courses through its business school.

Salford Business School allows students to obtain business degrees, law degrees and accounting degrees. These courses shape students into curious, adaptable and confident professionals ready to meet the digital, ethical and sustainability challenges of the 21st century. 

Academic programmes offered at Salford Business School include

All these programmes are available with a Professional Placement Year and Foundation year.

Students who are not sure about which course to pursue are encouraged to consider the BSc Business Management programme. The programme provides an introduction to the world of business allowing students to explore different topics in their first year.

Once they’ve completed their first year, they may choose to follow one of the specialist pathways or continue with the generalist Business Management pathway.

Salford Business School emphasizes maintaining close relationships with businesses. This aids the process of facilitating work placements, internships, live briefs and team projects for their students.

While the responsibility of finding an internship falls on the student, a dedicated employability team manages the process of connecting students to employers wanting to work on specific projects.

The employability team also assists students to sharpen their job-hunting skills and supports them in developing connections with potential employers. 



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