United Kingdom


Information about the universities and colleges that are available for study in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

In the last 16 years, Fashion Retail Academy has revolutionized fashion education in the UK, becoming well-known amongst employers for creating industry-ready graduates. 

Saïd Business School is a world class business school community, embedded within a world class university, tackling problems on an international scale and delivering world-class services. Choose to study between Degree programmes, MBA's or Executive Diploma's.

The London School of Design and Marketing (LSDM) is the ideal setting for creative students who wish to study a specialisation in design or marketing. In addition to the unique, specialised focus offered by the school in these creative mediums, LSDM has even more to offer prospective students.

With a mission to be the world's most relevant business school, Hult International Business school aims to bring a transformative education to its pupils. Just like all change, here are some of the actions the institute stands by and all you need to know about it. 

The creative sphere can be tough for a student to navigate, considering that there are a various number of ways that students can engage in artistic careers. Nevertheless, at the Arts University Bournemouth, students are granted the opportunity to navigate their artistic passions in an environment dedicated specifically to the arts.

The University of Law (ULaw) has a great scope of law qualifications for prospective law students. However, the university also offers postgraduate qualifications beyond just law, making non-law qualifications available for students to take their picks from.

For students who are looking to have their pick at postgraduate law and law-related degrees, the University of Law (ULaw) has much to offer. From postgraduate diplomas to Masters degrees, to Bar practice courses, ULaw has a wide variety of qualifications for prospective students to choose from.

The University of Law (ULaw) in the United Kingdom (UK) is a private university aimed towards moulding future lawyers to be placed in some of the major law firms in the UK and the United States (US). As such, the university has much to offer prospective law students.

Studying at the University of London is possible through distance learning and flexible study options. There is no limit to where you can study with the University of London.

Although universities choose students based on what value they can add to their institution, it is equally important for students to pursue universities based on what they could offer the student in return. That said, enrolling at the University of Bristol is a way to put your interests first, as students will benefit from a university that offers well-recognised, quality education.

While the university is in UK's most vibrant cities, Oxford is bursting with things to do, things to see, and experiences to feel. Whether students are looking for green spaces and culture or a buzzing nightlife and diverse community, they get the best of both worlds in Oxford.

Studying in central London is a major drawcard for many students, from a wide range of countries. For those who are interested in studying social sciences, the LSE is a very popular option.

St George’s University of London has been responsible for training and qualifying doctors for almost three centuries. Through their innovative teachings and long history in medicine training, the university has developed its standing as an ideal institution for the study of medicine.

The common dilemma for the creative student is to find an educational environment that allows them to both harness their creative talent expressively, whilst also preparing them for the real creative world. At Ravensbourne University London, this is exactly the type of preparation that students can expect, as the institution allows them to enter the creative market by preparing them with a holistic education.

Each year, international students apply to different universities in the United Kingdom (UK) with the hopes of pursuing their tertiary studies at one of the UK’s various higher learning institutions. For international students with such aspirations, but who have no clue which institution best suits their objectives, the SI-UK University Fair can help.

Workplace preparation of its enrolled students is the central mission for London South Bank University (LSBU). As such, the institution has much to offer in its values and options for study for students who aim to be immediately equipped for the workplace post-studies.

Enrolling at a university in the UK not only offers students the opportunity to experience a new culture, but also affords them the opportunity to develop a new set of skills and build a great professional network. Here's why you should consider the University of Leicester.

With a history dating as far back as the 1850s, the institution now known as The University of Derby has been educating students for over a century. The following reveals what the university has to offer students who would like to benefit from the university’s long history with teaching.

Being a highly regarded public research university, the Manchester Metropolitan University has earned its status as a well-sought after institution. Here are some of the qualities that prospective students could expect if they were to enrol at the university.

Located right in the town centre and at the heart of the local community, the University of Huddersfield helps thousands of people, from school leavers to those who are coming back for education after a gap year, achieve their goals.


If you're looking for an online course and want to earn a credible qualification but don't want to spend too much money, then on of Shaw Academy's free courses might be for you. Here is all you need to know.

The IE university takes pride in the stripes that it has earned to be in global rankings for its academic accolades. If you are in the commercial industry, and would like to pursue a postgraduate qualification, here’s what the university has on offer.