United Kingdom


Information about the universities and colleges that are available for study in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The University of Law offers students a guiding principle that future lawyers and business leaders should learn in a realistic, professional and contemporary context, with plenty of practical interactive engagement. 

Ravensbourne University represents yet another institution located in London, which offers students the perfect environment to harness creativity, with London being a hub for diverse culture, and creative inspiration and opportunity.

Based in the heart of the UK's second biggest city, the University of College Birmingham is highly respected by employers and industries for providing career-focused training and education. Their reputation for excellence means the university is popular with international students, who join from more than 60 countries.

Start your own journey at the University of Portsmouth, and join our students from more than 150 countries around the world.


As a student at Goldsmiths, university of London, you'll be part of a community that is diverse and welcoming, and you'll have the chance to study a variety of academic fields.

Regent College London prides itself on being an institution that welcomes students from all over the world, and of all age groups. The following reveals the fundamental qualities that the college has to offer its students, including information on how to apply for the college.

South Essex College, is a further education college located over three main sites in Basildon, Southend-on-Sea, and Grays in Essex, England. If you would like to study in the United Kingdom, South Essex College could be worth considering.  

Earning the opportunity to study at a prestigious and widely-recognised university, with a long history of quality education and impactful research and diversity efforts, is a privilege like none other. Nonetheless, students who enrol at Newcastle University will find that it is an institution that fits that exact description.

Since Covid-19 and the digital age have influenced a greater need for digital adaptation, students may want to consider universities that have been able to adjust to these newer forms of learning. The University of East London is one such university, that has a long history in education but is willing to adopt a personalised, flexible learning format to suit its students’ current needs.

The University of Buckingham, located in the United Kingdom, opens its doors to both local and international students for great study opportunities. It's best to know all the relevant information if you're considering studying abroad at this institution. 

Regent College London has an international reputation across a wide range of subject areas. Regent College London brings together education from different UK universities to wherever you are, so you can have the same quality of higher education without having to relocate.

Students can experience the full UK university experience for less at the University of Dundee. From high-quality education to rich culture and nightlife, students can benefit from the many advantages the university offers for overall satisfaction and success.

As much as going to a well-established, traditional university that has been operating for centuries can prove beneficial, newer universities have also proven the ability to offer students everything that they may need from an institution, from a more modern lens.

The London College of Fashion is an institution that educates and trains students in the fashion industry.

Condé Nast College of Fashion and Design is one of the first of its kind, being an institution of education developed from a mass media company. The college is the perfect space for students with a passion for fashion and design to earn a qualification in those areas.

The Institute of Spring Technology (IST) offers training courses that anyone in the world can participate in. If you're interested in pursuing a career in, or have a business that makes use of Spring Technology, have a look at the Institute of Spring Technology.

As times continue to change with learning institutions continuing to incorporate digital learning and teaching practices, the online learning format has become more appealing to the modern student. The University of Derby offers students interested in distance-learning the opportunity to fulfil their online learning pursuits.

The University of Bath is a highly-regarded institution of higher learning that has earned multiple accolades for its performance. Students who enrol at the university will earn the chance to experience quality education, alongside other features that contribute to the university’s high acclaim.

Aston University has offered education to students for over a century from its Birmingham location. Initially having had its beginnings as a technical school, the institution has since evolved to teach a variety of mediums to its students.

As one of the older universities in the United Kingdom (UK), the University of Birmingham has established its status of prestige over its many years in education. Prospective students will benefit from this and much more if enrolled at the university.


If you're looking for an online course and want to earn a credible qualification but don't want to spend too much money, then on of Shaw Academy's free courses might be for you. Here is all you need to know.

The IE university takes pride in the stripes that it has earned to be in global rankings for its academic accolades. If you are in the commercial industry, and would like to pursue a postgraduate qualification, here’s what the university has on offer.