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Information about the universities and colleges that are available for study in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The University of Buckingham's Medical School might be an ideal institution if you're considering pursuing a medical degree in the United Kingdom. The institution is a non-profit private university located in Buckingham, England and is the oldest of the country's five private universities.

Are you interested in furthering your education in the United Kingdom and want to gain expertise in business, theology, sport or drama? Then why now make St Mary’s university in Twickenham your academic home?


The University of Buckingham is a non-profit private university in Buckingham, England and the oldest of the country's five private universities. If you're considering studying in England, it's important to understand the tuition fee structure. 

Northumbria University is one of the leading public academic institutions in the UK, with an ever-expanding multicultural learning community. The university has a number of courses on offer for students.

The University of Buckingham is a non-profit private university in Buckingham, England and the oldest of the country's five private universities. If you're considering extending your studies in England, there are possible postgraduate courses for you to consider.

The University of Bradford offers study opportunities to students in the United Kingdom, as well as across the globe. Although it is known for its highly ranked School of Management, the university has even more qualities to offer its prospective students. 

Although part of a teacher's ability depends on their subject knowledge and force of personality, there are specific skills that need to be grasped through completing a PGCE course. The University of Buckingham offers this course for aspiring teachers. 

Interested in how artificial intelligence, and the likes are changing the world? A Computing degree from Buckingham equips students with the knowledge and practical skills required to design and develop advanced tech-based solutions.

A number of recruitment agencies are currently recruiting for teachings from different parts of the world. Here’s what you will need to qualify for this opportunity to work abroad.


The University of Birmingham's students learn from leading role models in their respective research and clinical practice fields. Combining this with their early engagement with outstanding community-based learning, their students become the model professionals required for the future of medicine worldwide. 

The University of Buckingham is a non-profit private university in Buckingham, England and the oldest of the country's five private universities. If you're considering studying in England, here are possible undergraduate courses for you to consider.

Located in the largest town in North Wales, Wrexham Glyndwr University became the 10th university in Wales to be formally awarded a university status in 2008. In the Complete University Guide, the Glyndwr receives top ranking for student satisfaction in England and Wales.


If you are looking for a pathway towards studying business at the university of your dreams, or are a working professional looking to expand your skills, the Metropolitan School of Business and Management is the place to enrol. At the college, enrolled students from all over the world will have the opportunity to earn diplomas and degrees that will allow them to pursue further studies at top UK institutions, whilst business-minded professionals will get the chance to enrol for executive education courses to expand their professional knowledge and practice.

The landscape of university education has transformed over the years, whether this included the introduction of digital, hybrid learning, skills based learning, or the growing introduction of university collaborations with companies who value the importance of education. One of the more interesting developments in this category of university-company collaborations, has been the possibility for companies to appoint degrees, and this very unique and innovative approach is one which applies in particular to BPP University.

At the heart of Scotland, the University of Stirling serves local and international students, catering to their individual academic needs through its diverse programmes. The university has made an announcement that might excite you, if you are a prospective undergraduate student of this university.


The university experience for many students often represents the first time that young people are exposed to the real, endless academic and social opportunities that the world presents, and what better place to do that than at an institution that harnesses this vastness of the university experience. The Anglia Ruskin University offers students exactly that, involving flexible teaching methods incorporated on a global landscape that exposes students to different walks of life and learning experiences.

Finding a university that both possesses the prestige and high education quality that it takes to be a part of the Russell Group, whilst still being able to keep its students satisfied under the pressure of its prestige, is a rare find. The University of Exeter, however, represents this rarity, offering quality education that has been nationally and internationally recognised, along with prioritising student satisfaction.

Seeing as the world keeps on developing and advancing year after year, it is not uncommon that students might seek tertiary institutions that adapt to the ever-changing demands of the working world, but might also still want to benefit from a learning system that is rooted in experience. The University of East Anglia gives students the best of both worlds, being a young and dynamic university that is in tune with the developing job market, whilst also offering quality education that sets it on par with more experienced universities.

Every student looks to pursue a university that will place their needs as a first priority whilst completing their studies. At Brunel University London, which has its roots in providing education to the masses, students will be able to engage in exactly that, an inclusive educational environment that prioritises them.

It is safe to say that many students might have dreams of pursuing their studies in an area like London, with the rich educational value and diverse opportunities for sociability it possesses, but may not be able to afford the lifestyle. Those students can look no further than Birmingham City University to fulfil their needs, as the university finds itself in a city that can be likened to London with its large and dynamic student population, but with more affordable living, whilst also offering similar levels of high-quality education.


If you're looking for an online course and want to earn a credible qualification but don't want to spend too much money, then on of Shaw Academy's free courses might be for you. Here is all you need to know.

If you have ever considered studying at an institution that is based abroad while in the comfort of your home country, then Atlantic International University may be the ideal option. Founded in 1998, the university is based in Honolulu, Hawaii and offers distance learning programs while it operates entirely online.