Study In Scotland At The University of Stirling


The United Kingdom is an attractive study destination for many English speaking students. If you are interested in studying in Scotland, then the University of Stirling could be the institution for you.



Founded in 1967, The University of Stirling is a public university with pioneering spirit and a global reputation for high-quality teaching and research. 

Located in the heart of Stirling ,Scotland, students can rest easy knowing they are living in the safest student city in the United Kingdom. It is also in the top three happiest places to live in Scotland. 

The University of Stirling offers a wide range of academic programmes across its five faculties. 

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Faculty of Arts and Humanities 

Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport 

Faculty of Natural Sciences 

Faculty of Social Sciences 

Stirling Management School 

They offer more than 170 undergraduate degree courses. Their flexible degree courses aim to help students become the difference in their chosen career. This is achieved by providing students with the knowledge, expertise and lifelong employability skills needed to stand out. 

Some of the undergraduate degrees include qualifications in Accounting and finances, Aquaculture, Biology, Business and management, Computer science and software engineering, Criminology, Data science and data analytics, Economics and many more. 

For students interested in furthering their education, the university offers 90 postgraduate degrees for students to choose from. Students can access these postgraduate courses in-person or online. 

Some postgraduate courses include MSc in Aquatic Pathobiology, MSc in Aquatic Veterinary Studies, MSc Behavioural Science, MSc in Business Analytics and MSc Criminology. 

Once you've found a course that you are interested in enrolling in, you can check if you qualify for entry by visiting the University of Stirling Entry Requirements Page. The University also has special criteria for international students


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