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Articles about the colleges and universities that are operating on mainland Europe and the Republic of Ireland.

The IE university takes pride in the stripes that it has earned to be in global rankings for its academic accolades. If you are in the commercial industry, and would like to pursue a postgraduate qualification, here’s what the university has on offer.

While the thought of getting to participate in your studies among a large student body may seem fun for some, a large student population with little opportunity for intimate learning can be daunting for others. Jacobs University aims to resolve this issue, by offering smaller classes and a greater opportunity for more frequent student-teacher engagement to enrolled students.

Finding the right study programmes to suit your skill sets can be overwhelming to any aspiring academic, especially to those international students looking to study abroad. Nonetheless, with Budapest International College, students from all around the world are offered the unique experience of being assisted to find some of the best specialised study programmes in Hungary, all the while earning the necessary foundational education that will prepare them to enter into these programmes.

At EU Business School, students are immersed in a real-world business environment by bringing business to life through guest speaker sessions, company visits, field trips, case studies, business simulations, and internships, among others. 

Since 2016, the Paris School of International Affairs has been hosting an annual conference that brings both its students and industry players in a single platform. This is not only good exposure for the future leaders.

The United Kingdom is an attractive study destination for many English speaking students. If you are interested in studying in Scotland, then the University of Stirling could be the institution for you.


Dedicated to fostering academic excellence and student achievement on all educational levels in business management, SBS Swiss Business School's mission is to provide a strong academic foundation that will help them to develop problem-solving skills. Preparing them to become productive competent professionals and responsible citizens in a diverse, dynamic global environment.


IE University is a private university with campuses in Madrid, Community of Madrid and Segovia, Castile and León. With an alumni that stretches beyond Spain, the university has a number of qualifications that prospective students may choose from.

The Neapolis University Pafos is considered one of the top-ranking private universities in Cyprus with a wide variety of programmes offered in its five faculties. Familiarizing yourself with the institution’s tuition fee structure is important if you plan to study at the university. 

City of Westminster College has over 200 courses available for students to choose from. If you're looking to study in the United Kingdom, here are your study options at this London college.

In the world of higher education, as more and more newer institutions continue to be established in-line with modern advancements in education, it can be tougher for older institutions to keep up. However, Trinity College Dublin is not one of those universities, and has instead managed to maintain its own level of prestige over 400 years after its initial inception.

Kursk State Medical University is one of the top 10 best Russian Medical Universities. Among its many achievements, KSMU was the first University in Russia to offer students a full Medical training program in the English language.

The International European University is the most modern multi-disciplinary university at the European level. The mission of the university is to bring Ukrainian education, science, and culture to a new quality level in order to integrate them into the European and world space.

Headquartered in Ireland, Ashfield College provides Leaving Certificate examination preparation as a two-year senior cycle, as well as a one-year programme.


With The IE university being an institution of impact, paving your way with an Architecture course from the university guarantees you the most up-to-date education imaginable.

The management industry presents many avenues of opportunity, with management being an integral part of organisations of various types. However, for students who are interested specifically in Culinary and Hospitality the International Management Institute Switzerland is the place to go.

Studying from the comfort of your home is a method of learning that students have been more greatly exposed to over recent years. However the International University of Applied Sciences has long been a pioneer in flexible online learning. Enrolment at this institution involves benefitting from one of the best online and hybrid-learning universities across the world.

Whether you’ve always had a passion for the water or have simply had enough with the average 9-to-5, Ocean Training Academy equips future seamen & women with the confidence and knowledge they need to ditch their lives on land and get paid to travel the world. If you are ready to take a deep dive into the yachting world then this course is for you.

IED Barcelona is an institution of higher education for those who are interested in pursuing a career in design. If you're looking to study design and/or in Europe, Spain might be the place for you. 

Remotely pursuing tertiary studies abroad can be very beneficial, as you'll have the chance to be exposed to quality education in the comfort of your own home. The University of Buckingham is well-reputed for the quality of its study programmes, which is all the more reason to check out some of the online courses they offer.  


If you're looking for an online course and want to earn a credible qualification but don't want to spend too much money, then on of Shaw Academy's free courses might be for you. Here is all you need to know.

The IE university takes pride in the stripes that it has earned to be in global rankings for its academic accolades. If you are in the commercial industry, and would like to pursue a postgraduate qualification, here’s what the university has on offer.