How To Request For A Credit Transfer At Wittenborg University


Transferring from one university to another university is a completely normal experience for many students, but can be challenging when considering university credits. The good news is, Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences allows it students to be credited for some of the work that they have already done.


On 11 November 2022, the Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences held a gala, celebrating its 35th anniversary as a Higher Education Institution. 

It was in this eventful day that the institution reflected on its hard work that has produced the success of this ever-expanding academic gem for the world of business education.

If the reputation of this institution has given you the reason to transfer from your current institution, fortunately, there is a process that you will need to follow to be exempted for an individual module or multiple modules that you have already covered.

This will however need to be done based on evidence of learning formally assessed through certificated awards and the prospective students will be required to provide the university with a portfolio of evidence. 

Should the applicant be in a possession of non-Dutch certificates and diplomas, their student portfolio will be verified by usage of Nuffic and Naric databases and information. The university has emphasised that it is only in exceptional cases that the portfolio will be sent to the NUFFIC for a certificate evaluation.

During the prospective students application, a request for a credit transfer/exemptions ought to be submitted, before the student may be able to proceed with their studies at the Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences.

The Credit Transfer/exemptions will be based on previously obtained credits from the recognised higher education institution’s study programme. 

The Student Registrar will validate and verify the submitted diplomas, marks lists, with Nuffic and ENIC-Naric, confirming that the documents are genuine and accredited, on behalf of the GEB Credit Transfer and Exemptions Committee.

This will then be followed by the Student Registrar advising this Committee on proceeding with the Credit Transfer/exemptions Approval Request.

Other rigorous processes will follow until the student is informed of the final decision on the credit transfer/exemptions by the Graduation and Examination Board.



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