Learn While Travelling With LEINN International


With the Leinn University, you will be able to learn while travelling at the same time.

In the field of entrepreneurial leadership and innovation, LEINN International is the official European Bachelor's Degree program.

The University follows an innovative and international educational approach that combines theory with practical experience and interdisciplinarity.

Discover how to succeed in today's competitive professional world by gaining the skills and knowledge you need.

Application Process

Application and admission to LEINN International are merit-based processes based on interviews and small challenges. The application process is normally taken forward in online format, and may be complemented by a face to face interview in case they have their labs close to your location.

Step 1
Get informed about the degree you wish to study on their website.

Step 2
Enter the application process and receive instructions immediately to your email.

Step 3
Deliver your application materials and receive an invitation to an interview

Step 4
Validate your academic records and do the official registration

"LEINN International is the Official European Bachelor's Degree in Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation."

Every academic year, you can study abroad in a different location.

If you would like to apply to study at the university or simply wish to find out more, visit their website by clicking here.

Image Attribution: leinninternational.com


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