Undergraduate Courses To Study At The University Of Limerick In Ireland


Not only is the University of Limerick big enough to give you an interesting college experience, but it is also small enough to ensure you don't get lost in the crowd. 


The University of Limerick (UL), based in Limerick, Ireland, has a number of undergraduate and postgraduate courses on offer for you to consider.

There are various and broad study options whether you want to pursue an undergrad, postgrad, professional studies, or executive education, a program for professionals and organizations that aims to expand their management skills and knowledge in the areas of general business, health services, and supply chain management. 

UL also has a Springboard+ program, an upskilling initiative that offers free and subsidized courses at certificate, degree, and masters levels leading to qualifications in areas where there are employment opportunities in the economy. The program is open to all employed, unemployed, and returner applicants.

The institution is home to six faculties, namely: 

  1. Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
  2. Education
  3. Business
  4. Engineering 
  5. Science
  6. Health Sciences

Here Are Some of the University of Limerick Undergraduate Courses For You To Consider: 

Bachelor of Architecture 

Training as an architect is engaging in a process of ‘learning by doing’ with the course curriculum structured around the design studio. The design studio is a creative laboratory where learning is developed through experimentation and reflection. 

Integrated into the design studio will be courses of study in structures (structural engineering), environmental science (environmental engineering), history (of architecture, society, technology), and philosophy, sociology, law and management (professional practice).

This five-year course will eventually led to a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture, and includes practical experience. 

The course is designed to equip you with a broad range of skills fundamental to becoming an architect. These skills include hand drawing, sketching, model-making, photography, computer-aided drawing, audiovisual and verbal presentation, as well as core skills, including conceptualising and designing, problem-solving and working with other people.

Bachelor of Arts 

The Bachelor of Arts course/s at the University of Limerick can be completed in a number of fields, namely: 

  • Economics
  • English
  • French
  • Geography
  • German
  • History
  • Music and Dance
  • Linguistics 
  • Mathematics
  • Digital Culture and Communications
  • Politics and International Relations
  • Psychology
  • Public Administration and Leadership
  • Sociology
  • Spanish

Students can also opt for Bachelor's of Arts in: 

  • History, Politics, Sociology, Literature and Law
  • Applied Languages
  • Contemporary Dance
  • Criminal Justice
  • European Studies
  • International Business
  • Irish Dance
  • Irish Music
  • Journalism and Digital Communication
  • Law and Accounting
  • Psychology and Sociology
  • Voice
  • World Music

Bachelor of Business Studies

If you are interested in gaining expertise in a specific business discipline, the Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) (Hons) degree offers you a broad choice of options which, acording to the university, will enhance your employability on graduation. 
The BBS degree at UL is among the most popular business courses in Ireland and is accredited by both national and international bodies including the globally recognised business school accreditation body AACSB, whose mission is to "foster engagement, accelerate innovation, and amplify impact in business education worldwide." 
The Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) programme will provide students with a broad business education, studying the core business principles of accounting, economics, risk management and insurance, human resource management and marketing; specialising in one area as your “major” in the second semester of Year 2. 
Theory will be exercised through work on practical business projects, in addition to an eight month work placement period in the industry.
Bachelor of Education 
The Bachelor of Education course/s at the University of Limerick can be completed in various fields, namely: 
  • Bachelor of Education in Languages: 
Students studying towards the Bachelor of Education in Languages are required to specialise in 2 languages from a selection of French, German, Irish, Japanese and Spanish.
This programme will provide opportunities for school-leavers with proven ability and interest in languages to acquire a high level of cultural and communicative competence in two languages. 
The programme is four years in duration and includes a number of school-based teaching practice placements. These include a six-week placement in the Spring semester of year two and a further ten week placement in autumn semester of year four. 
These placements are designed to provide student teachers with practice-based opportunities for professional development supported via the supervision of faculty members of the University. 
  • Bachelor of Science (Physical Education): 
The central focus of this four-year course is on teacher education; students will be educated on teaching Physical Education, your chosen elective option, as well as educational studies in contemporary society. 
Students' placement in schools for blocks of teaching practice is viewed as an essential part of professional development.
In the physical education part of the course, you will study human movement from the perspectives of kinesiology (science of movement), sociology, psychology, and philosophy, together with the art of teaching. 
The practical experience will involve you in a range of competitive, aesthetic, adventure, aquatic and artistic activities, which will enhance your effectiveness as a teacher.
  • Bachelor of Science with Concurrent Teacher Education (Science Education with Physics, Chemistry OR Agricultural Science) 
If you are considering a career in teaching and have a strong interest in science, this four-year course may be the one for you. 

The aim of the programme is to educate young teachers and help them develop the skills and aptitudes to confidently face the challenges of science teaching. When you graduate from the programme, you will be qualified to teach;

  • Biology to honours Leaving Certificate level
  • Chemistry or Physics or Agricultural Science to Honours Leaving Certificate level
  • General Science to Junior Certificate level

The programme is based on the concurrent model of teacher education, in which educational studies and studies in biology, along with your chosen elective (chemistry or physics or agricultural science) are combined with periods of school placement in which you will gain experience of teaching.

  • Bachelor of Technology (Education) in Graphics and Construction Technology Concurrent with Teacher Education

If you are interested in teaching design-based activities within the technological subjects Materials Technology (Wood), Graphics, Design and Communication Graphics and Construction Studies, and enjoy working with people, then this course may be for you.

The programme is four years in duration and includes a number of school based teaching practice placements, including a six week placement in the Spring semester of year two and a further ten week placement in Autumn semester of year four. 

  • Bachelor of Science (Education) in Mathematics and Computer Science

This degree, with a speciality in teaching Mathematics and Computer Science, is designed to produce graduates with the mathematical knowledge and skills to satisfy the needs of Irish Second-level schools in teaching the Maths curriculum. Graduates will also be qualified to teach the new Leaving Certificate Computer Science curriculum, as well as short courses in coding and digital literacy for junior cycle. 

In relation to Mathematics, you will study topics including Differential and Integral Calculus; Statistics and Probability; Algebra and Geometry, all of which is in line with Teaching Council requirements for Mathematics teachers.
For Computer Science, students on the course will study topics in Programming; Software Development; Web Development; Computer Graphics and Data Structures and Algorithms. 
Education modules on the programme will help develop your understanding of how young people learn; contemporary issues in education; classroom practices; planning for learning; inclusive education and curriculum and policy issues. 
The course also includes two blocks of school placement where students will spend time in schools teaching both Mathematics and Computer Science to all year groups. 
Bachelor of Engineering

The Bachelor of Engineering course/s at the University of Limerick can be completed in a number of fields, namely: 

  • Technology Management
  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Construction Management and Engineering
  • Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
  • Engineering
    • Bachelor/ Masters of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering
    • Bachelor/Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering
    • Bachelor of Engineering in Design and Manufacture
    • Bachelor/Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering
  • Bachelor/Master of Engineering in Electronic and Computer Engineering
Bachelor of Science 
The Bachelor of Science course/s at the University of Limerick can be completed in a number of fields, namely:
  • Financial Mathematics
  • Environmental Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences
  • Bachelor of Science with concurrent Teacher Education (Science Education with Physics OR Chemistry OR Agricultural Science)
  • Bachelor of Science in Equine Science
  • Computer Science 
    • Bachelor of Science in Computer Systems
    • Bachelor of Science Computer Games Development
    • Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security and IT Forensics
  • Biological and Chemical Sciences 
    • Bachelor of Science in Bioscience
    • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science
    • Bachelor of Science in Industrial Biochemistry
    • Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical and Industrial Chemistry
    • Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science
  • Mathematics 
    • Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Sciences
    • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Physics
    • Bachelor of Science in Economics and Mathematics
  • Physics 
    • Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics
    • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Physics
  • Bachelor of Science in Immersive Software Engineering
  • Bachelor/Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Certificate or Diploma in Equine Science
Bachelor of Health Science
The Bachelor of Health Science course/s at the University of Limerick can be completed in a number of fields, namely:
  • Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (Graduate Entry)
  • Bachelor of Science (Education) in Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Construction Management and Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Equine Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Exercise & Health Fitness Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Midwifery
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (General)
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Intellectual Disability)
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Mental Health)
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing Studies (for international students)
  • Bachelor of Science in Paramedic Studies
  • Bachelor of Science in Physical Education
  • Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology


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