Study At UC Berkeley In The United States


The University of California, Berkeley is a well-rounded institution that has made various and notable contributions to society. If you're considering spending your tertiary education years in the United States, have a look at UC Berkeley. 

The University of California, Berkeley was considered to be the number one public university in the United States, and ranks at number 4 on the global scale in 2020. 

The institution offers over 350 degree programmes, providing a variety of options that can cater to each student's goals.

Some of the programmes include Buddhist Studies, Chemical Biology, Climate Science, Film and Media, LGBTQ+ Studies, Philosophy, Legal Studies and much more. 

Students can obtain qualifications in both undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

UC Berkeley has quite a large number of academic resources, with a staggering 13 million book volumes housed in its library. 

Students currently enrolled at the University can consider partaking in a study abroad programme hosted through the university. Berkeley also hosts language classes to prepare students for their travels abroad. 

Berkeley has a vibrant Public Service Centre (PSC), supporting nearly 200 student leaders and more than 5 000 students who partner with 250 community-based organizations each year.

The Center builds student leadership skills, helps students find their passion and purpose, enhances the capacity of community partners, and lifts up the public service mission of the University. 

The PSC brings together students, faculty, and communities to harness their collective wisdom in support of social justice, civic engagement, and transformative social change as a liberal arts university such as Berkeley. 

For incoming students (undergraduates and transferring students), New Student Services’ is designed to give each student the support and resources needed for a successful transition to the Berkeley campus; academically, socially, emotionally, and culturally. 

UC Berkeley offers a well-rounded and immersive university experience that can become beneficial for your tertiary studies. 


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