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The University of Reading is a well-regarded public tertiary institution in England, whose teachings extend globally. Having established a campus in Asia, the university has made its first steps towards globalising their education efforts.

The University of Reading has been providing quality education for almost a century now to students in England. Moreover, through their efforts in creating global connections, and developing a commitment towards the inclusion of international students in their institution, the university has managed to build a campus in Malaysia.

The campus was successfully completed in 2015, and the first group of students to enrol in Malaysia graduated in 2017. The campus features a number of necessary learning facilities, such as lecture theatres, laboratories, and so on, but also a number of social spaces and residences for accommodation.

Building a campus in Malaysia is a part of the university’s vision towards bringing their world-class education to international students in their countries of origin, rather than having the students relocate and uproot their lives to have access to this education. 

The university also boasts that through their teachings, on average 94% of graduates are either working or in further study within 15 months of their graduation.

In speaking of their world-class education, the University of Reading offers a large variety of courses, which fall under the following undergraduate subjects (some of which can be studied further in their postgraduate):

  • Accounting
  • Agriculture [undergraduate (ug) and postgraduate (pg) ]
  • Ancient History (ug and pg)
  • Animal Science (ug and pg)
  • Anthropology
  • Archaeology (ug and pg)
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Architecture (ug and pg)
  • Art
  • Biological Sciences (ug and pg)
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Biomedical Sciences (ug and pg)
  • Building and Surveying
  • Business (Post-Experience - only for postgraduate studies)
  • Business and Management (ug and pg)
  • Chemistry (ug and pg)
  • Classics and Classical Studies (ug and pg)
  • Climate Science (ug and pg)
  • Computer Science (ug and pg)
  • Construction Management (ug and pg)
  • Consumer Behaviour and Marketing (ug and pg)
  • Creative Enterprise (only for pg studies)
  • Creative Writing (ug and pg)
  • Drama
  • Data Science (only for pg studies)
  • Ecology
  • Economics (ug and pg)
  • Education (ug and pg)
  • Energy and Environmental Engineering (only for pg studies)
  • Engineering
  • English Language and Applied Linguistics (ug and pg)
  • English Literature (ug and pg)
  • Environment/ Environmental Sciences (ug and pg)
  • Film, Theatre and Television (ug and pg)
  • Finance (ug and pg)
  • Food and Nutritional Sciences (ug and pg)
  • Foundation Programmes
  • French
  • Geography/ and Environmental Sciences (ug and pg)
  • German
  • Graphic Communication and Design (ug and pg)
  • Healthcare (ug and pg)
  • History (ug and pg)
  • Information Management and Digital Business (only for pg studies)
  • Information Technology (only for pg studies)
  • International Development
  • International Development and Applied Economics (only for pg studies)
  • International Foundation Programme (IFP)
  • International Relations
  • Italian
  • Languages and Cultures (ug and pg)
  • Law (ug and pg)
  • Linguistics (ug and pg)
  • Management (only for pg studies)
  • Medieval History (only for pg studies)
  • Marketing
  • Mathematics
  • Medical Sciences
  • Meteorology and Climate (ug and pg)
  • Microbiology (only for pg studies)
  • Museum Studies 
  • Nutrition (ug and pg)
  • Pharmacology
  • Pharmacy (ug and pg)
  • Philosophy (ug and pg)
  • Physician Associate Studies (ug and pg)
  • Politics and International Relations (ug and pg)
  • Project Management (only for pg studies)
  • Psychology (ug and pg)
  • Public Policy (only for pg studies)
  • Real Estate and Planning (ug and pg)
  • Social Policy (only for pg studies)
  • Spanish
  • Speech and Language Therapy (ug and pg)
  • Strategic Studies (only for pg studies)
  • Surveying and Construction 
  • Teaching
  • Teacher Training (only for pg studies)
  • Theatre (ug and pg)
  • Typography and Graphic Communication (only for pg studies)
  • War and Peace Studies (only for pg studies)
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Zoology (ug and pg)

Those seeking to find out more about the university and what it has to offer students pursuing further education, can visit the University of Reading official website here.


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