Why Study At Regent College London


Regent College London prides itself on being an institution that welcomes students from all over the world, and of all age groups. The following reveals the fundamental qualities that the college has to offer its students, including information on how to apply for the college.

Regent College London aims first and foremost to enable its students to enter the working world, by preparing them to be employable candidates that can attain career success once they have completed their studies through necessary skills development.

Forming a part of the Regent Group as established in the year 2000, the college, which was established ten years later in 2010 has remained true to the group’s commitments towards education. The college is in collaboration with a number of universities to provide Higher National Diplomas as well as Foundation, Bachelor’s, Top-Up and Master’s Degrees.

Regent College is committed to creating and upholding cultural diversity. They prioritise a diverse learning environment with the inclusion of diverse, and sometimes non-traditional teaching techniques to uphold inclusionary methods that enhance the students’ learning experiences.

The college has four campuses throughout London in the following areas: Central London, Kingsbury, Wembley, and Harrow. 

Regent College’s vision statement highlights an aim to be “the UK’s first truly technology-enabled British university”, a goal which they have already made headway with, through their integration of digital learning methods via their Regent Digital initiative.

The courses are divided between four schools of study: the School of Business and Enterprise, the School of Allied Health, the School of Engineering and the School of Computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

The process of application includes five steps:

  1. Initial Consultation: After the student has expressed interest in enrolling at the university, the applicant will be invited for a consultation where they will be setting up their application, as well as receive guidance for their courses. They should have with them their identification documentation and other supporting documents (as listed on the college’s official website here) which will be used to set up their application file. The applicant will receive a provisional acceptance if they meet the minimum requirements within 48 hours of consultation.
  2. English Language Requirements: If secondary high school English requirements have not yet been met, the applicant will be required to take an English proficiency test.
  3. Making your Application: Once the first two steps are completed, the student would then complete and submit their official application either in-person or online depending on their chosen courses.
  4. Academic Interview: Once it is determined that the student has met all necessary requirements, a 30-minute online interview with a member of the admissions team will be conducted.
  5. Student Finance: If the student has met college eligibility, they will have the opportunity to apply for student funding through Student Finance England

Being that the college welcomes students of all walks of life, they have also created a set of entry requirement guidelines to guide international students who would like to apply for the college, as can be found here

For additional information about the college courses on offer, visit their official website by clicking here.


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