This is What IE University Fees Are Like For This Great Spanish University


Studying abroad can have several benefits in addition to the qualifications you can obtain. However, an important consideration for students studying abroad is what it will cost.



IE University Campus

Instituto de Empresa (IE) is a private university, located in the vibrant and cosmopolitan city of Madrid, is a prestigious institution at the forefront of higher education.

Founded in 1973 as a business school, it has evolved into a comprehensive university offering a diverse range of programs across various disciplines. Renowned for its innovative approach to education, IE University is committed to shaping the leaders of tomorrow through a combination of academic excellence, entrepreneurial spirit, and a global perspective.

Global Learning Environment

At IE University, students are immersed in a dynamic learning environment that emphasizes critical thinking, creativity, and practical application. With a strong emphasis on experiential learning, students engage in real-world projects, internships, and study abroad opportunities, enabling them to develop essential skills to excel in today's rapidly changing world.

The university boasts a world-class faculty composed of accomplished professionals, scholars, and industry leaders who bring their expertise to the classroom, fostering a stimulating and intellectually stimulating atmosphere. Moreover, IE University is dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusion, attracting a diverse student body from around the globe, creating a truly multicultural and enriching experience for all.

Truly International University Campus

Located in the heart of Spain's capital city, Madrid, IE University offers an unparalleled setting for both academic and personal growth. Students benefit from the city's rich history, vibrant culture, and flourishing business environment, gaining insights into the global economy and building a strong international network.

The university boasts a world-class faculty composed of accomplished professionals, scholars, and industry leaders who bring their expertise to the classroom, fostering a stimulating and intellectually stimulating atmosphere.

Moreover, IE University is dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusion, attracting a diverse student body from around the globe, creating a truly multicultural and enriching experience for all.

IE has multiple international partnerships with other universities, such as a dual MBA with Brown University and an Asian-focused program run with Singapore Management University.

The institution offers academic programmes in Spanish as well as in English. This makes IE an attractive option for students from all over the world.

IE University offers several academic programmes that cater to a wide range of students with a diverse range of interests.

They offer academic programmes in

  • Business and Management, 

  • Design and Architecture, Finance, 

  • Economics and Trade, 

  • Law, International Affairs and Public Policy 

  • Leadership and Talent Development

  • Marketing, Communication and Sales 

  • Science, Technology and Data

However, these courses are not free and students should carefully consider the cost before enrolling in an academic programme at IE or the Business School.

Here's What IE University Tuition Fees Are Like

Undergraduate Degrees at IE costs  €25,000 per year. Students will also be required to make a one-time contribution to the IE Foundation. The IE Foundation Contribution is €1,200.

Here Are The Undergraduate Degrees Available At IE

  • Bachelor in Applied Mathematics

  • Bachelor in Architectural Studies 

  • Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences 

  • Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)

  • Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media 

  • Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence 

  • Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics

  • Bachelor in Design 

  • Bachelor in Economics 

  • Bachelor in Environmental Sciences and Sustainability    

  • Bachelor in International Relations 

  • Bachelor in Philosophy, Politics, Law and Economics    

  • Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)     

  • Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) + LL.M. at Northwestern University    

  • Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) + LL.M. at King's College     

  • Bachelor in Urban Studies     

Dual Degrees at IE costs €30,000 per year. Students will also be required to make a one-time contribution to the IE Foundation. The IE Foundation Contribution is €1,200. 

Here Are The Dual Degrees Available At IE

  • Dual Degree Bachelor in Business Administration + Bachelor in Business and Data Analytics     

  • Dual Degree Bachelor in Business Administration + Bachelor in Design     

  • Dual Degree Bachelor in Business Administration + Bachelor in International Relations     

  • Dual Degree Bachelor in Business Administration + Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)  

  • Dual Degree Bachelor in Economics + Bachelor in International Relations 

  • Dual Degree Bachelor in Philosophy, Politics, Law and Economics + Bachelor in Business and Data Analytics

  • Dual Degree Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) + Bachelor in International Relations 

  • Dual Degree Bachelor in Economics + Bachelor in Urban Studies

Students Will Also Be Required To Pay These Compulsory Fees

Admission fee


Place reservation fee (non refundable / non transferable)


Credit recognition fee


Language Proficiency Track



The place reservation fee will be deducted from your 1st year tuition fee.

The tuition fees for the Visiting Student Program will depend on the number of credits in which the student is enrolled; the minimum being 30 ECTs and the maximum 60 ECTs. Visiting students are not required to pay the IE Foundation Contribution.

One semester: €12,500 (30 ECTs)

Two semesters: €25,000 (60 ECTs)

IE understands the importance of offering financial aid to students. Visit Careers Portal to view IE scholarships.

 Admission Test

IE University's admission process typically involved the following steps:

  1. Online Application: Prospective students needed to complete an online application form, providing personal information, educational background, and other relevant details.
  2. Academic Records: Applicants were required to submit their academic transcripts, including high school or previous university records, depending on the program they were applying for.
  3. Entrance Exam (IEU Admission Test): Some undergraduate programs at IE University required applicants to take the IEU Admission Test. The test was designed to assess an applicant's critical thinking, analytical skills, and English language proficiency. The specific content and format of the test might have varied depending on the program.
  4. Language Proficiency: As many programs at IE University are taught in English, non-native English speakers were typically required to demonstrate their English language proficiency through standardized tests like TOEFL or IELTS.
  5. Personal Interview: Shortlisted candidates might be invited for a personal interview, where they could discuss their motivations, goals, and suitability for the program.
  6. Letters of Recommendation: Some programs might have requested letters of recommendation from teachers, counselors, or other relevant individuals who could attest to the applicant's abilities and character.

Again, it's crucial to verify the current admission requirements and procedures directly with IE University, as they might have been updated or changed since my last update. Check their official website or get in touch with their admissions office for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Introduction to IE University

IE University is a renowned private university located in Spain with campuses in Madrid and Segovia. It is known for its strong emphasis on entrepreneurship, innovation, and a globally-oriented education. Here are some key points about IE University:

1. History: 

IE University is part of the larger IE Business School, which was founded in 1973. However, IE University itself was established in 2008 as an independent institution, offering undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

2. Location: 

The university has two main campuses. One is in Madrid, the capital of Spain, and the other is in Segovia, a historic city located about an hour's drive from Madrid. These locations provide students with diverse cultural experiences and access to a vibrant urban environment.

3. Academic Programs: 

IE University offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs across various fields such as business, law, architecture, design, international relations, communication, and more. It is particularly known for its business programs, including the highly ranked IE Business School MBA.

4. International Focus: 

IE University prides itself on its international orientation. It attracts students and faculty from all over the world, promoting diversity and a global perspective in education. Many programs are offered in English to accommodate the international student body.

5. Entrepreneurship and Innovation: 

The university places a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation. It has various initiatives, including its Venture Lab, which supports students in developing their startup ideas, and the Area 31, a collaborative space for entrepreneurship and innovation.

6. Research and Faculty: 

IE University has a dedicated faculty that engages in research and contributes to academia in their respective fields. The university's research centers focus on areas like entrepreneurship, economics, technology, and international relations.

7. Rankings: 

IE University consistently ranks well in international university rankings, particularly in the areas of business and entrepreneurship. Its close ties to the business world and strong alumni network contribute to its reputation.

8. Global Network: 

IE University has a strong global network of alumni and partner institutions, providing opportunities for students to study abroad, engage in international projects, and connect with professionals around the world.

9. Innovation and Technology: 

The university incorporates technology and innovation into its teaching methods, including online and blended learning options, which became even more important during the COVID-19 pandemic.

10. Extracurricular Activities: 

Students at IE University have access to a variety of extracurricular activities, clubs, and organizations that cater to diverse interests, fostering personal and professional growth.

Overall, IE University is known for its commitment to providing a global and innovative education that prepares students for leadership roles in the business and professional world. It has gained recognition for its forward-thinking approach to higher education and its ability to adapt to the evolving needs of students and industries.

Executive Education Programs Offered by IE University

IE University offers a range of Executive Education programs designed to meet the professional development needs of executives, managers, and professionals looking to enhance their skills and knowledge in various fields. These programs are typically short-term and focused on specific topics or industries. 

1. Executive Master's Programs: IE University offers Executive Master's programs that cater to experienced professionals seeking advanced knowledge and leadership skills in specific areas. These programs often have a modular format, allowing participants to continue working while studying.

2. Custom Programs: IE University also provides custom Executive Education solutions for organizations. These programs are tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of a company, focusing on leadership development, strategy, innovation, and other relevant areas.

3. Open Enrollment Programs: These are short-term programs open to individuals from various industries and backgrounds. They cover a wide range of topics, such as finance, marketing, leadership, entrepreneurship, and more.

4. Online and Blended Learning: IE University may offer online and blended (a combination of online and in-person) Executive Education programs to accommodate the needs of working professionals who require flexibility in their learning schedules.

5. Industry-Specific Programs: IE University may offer Executive Education programs tailored to specific industries or sectors, such as healthcare, finance, technology, or hospitality.

6. Leadership Development: Many Executive Education programs at IE University focus on leadership development, equipping executives with the skills and strategies needed to excel in leadership roles.

7. Innovation and Entrepreneurship: With a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship, IE University's programs can help professionals stay competitive in rapidly evolving business environments.

8. Global Perspective: IE University often emphasizes a global perspective in its Executive Education programs, as many executives today need to navigate international markets and work in multicultural settings.

For the latest information - and a full virtual tour - visit the IE University website at



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